American Horror Story: Asylum is full of characters fans are just beginning to understand, now two stars Lizzie Brocheré and Clea DuVall are giving a bit more detail about their own characters.

Lizzie Brocheré plays Grace who was committed to Briarcliff because she was accused of viciously murdering her family. Her only ally at the asylum is newcomer Kit who was also accused of murder and pleads his innocence. Whether or not they are telling the truth has yet to be seen. Ryan Murphy recently revealed that episode 2×04 “I Am Anne Frank” – Part 1 will give fans a look at Grace’s background. Brocheré tells the Huffington Post that so far it has been her favorite to film. She revealed that as Grace’s story is revealed some of the character’s mysteriousness will disperse. We may even be seeing come flashbacks. However, American Horror Story always seems to have something up it’s sleeve and it sounds like we won’t be getting the whole story. Brocheré explains, “after a while, you’re like, ‘Come on. Who are you?'”

Brocheré also divulged that Grace has been at the asylum for quite some time, which explains how she knows how to work the ropes behind Briarcliff. Grace will be watching Kit and Lana figure out aspects of the asylum that she already has. While many are questioning Kit, who has been accused of being a serial killer, Grace trusts him almost instantly. Brocheré believes that it’s a mixture of being in a similar position as him and having an instinctive trust with him.

What about Grace’s relationship with Lana now that the journalist stopped her from escaping? Many might think Grace would give up on Lana but it doesn’t seem like she’ll have much of a choice. Brocheré explains, “The thing is they’re going to have to work together. You don’t have many people who can be part of a team in the asylum. But since I think Grace goes on instinctive trust, I think it’s going to be hard to trust Lana again.”

The actress also teases about the horror aspect of the show, “What scares me the most? You haven’t gotten to that part yet.”

When Clea DuVall spoke with Vulture about her character Wendy, Lana’s girlfriend who committed her to the asylum, she joked that Wendy’s attack from Bloody Face was an extreme form of justice. But does that mean we’ve seen the last of Wendy? Maybe not! DuVall teased, “Well, like with the first season, if something happens to someone on the show, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re gone. It’s American Horror Story.”

While many might be feeling that Wendy is a traitor, DuVall feels for what her own character was put through. Her reasoning, it was a very different time back in 1964 where the story takes place. Trying to put the situation into perspective DuVall points out that the fear was very real for those like her character saying, “you could have your entire life destroyed by who you love and by being who you are.” Plus it was something that Wendy never expected to happen. Sister Jude just walked into the house and threatened to expose what she had been hiding her entire life which could also destroy her. Despite the decision Wendy made DuVall says, “I definitely have compassion for her and understand the position she was put in.”

What do you think about Grace and Wendy’s choices?

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