Last night American Horror Story took it to the next level with an exorcism, now see Ryan Murphy’s take on the episode and what’s coming up next! Warning: Spoiler Alert!!

The episode revolves around a boy who is brought to Briarcliff because his parents fear he is possessed. Why do they think that? Well he was caught naked ripping out animals’ hearts and then eating them. Naturally, the staff at the asylum feel an exorcism is the only solution. Only it doesn’t go quite as planned when the demon ends up transferring from the boy to Sister Eunice.

Ryan Murphy spoke with Entertainment Weekly about the episode and revealed just how difficult the episode was to shoot. He explained, “that exorcism took forever to shoot. It was very complicated, draining. It was very physical on the actors, particularly Jessica.” However, it will all pay off in the end as the devil that is now possessing Sister Eunice will play an important role in the show. Not only did he reveal Sister Jude’s secret past, he will continue to hold one over the rest of the staff. Murphy spoiled that in an upcoming episode the devil will be saying, “I know everything.”

So how will Sister Jude’s past continue to play into the rest of the episode? Murphy states that the guilt will continue to plague the nun and that we will find out that the night of the hit and run was the night she turned to religion. It was also the character’s lowest point.

In the upcoming episodes we will learn more about some other characters’ pasts. In episode 2×04 and 2×05 we will learn more about Dr. Arden’s past. While Murphy insists that the doctor is not crazy he definitely isn’t an angel, “look very closely at the photos in that box. Those are all clues to who he is and what he’s done.” Yesterday the synopses for these episodes were released giving fans some more clues into the doctor’s past. Episode 2×04 will also reveal Grace’s past.

Murphy also spoke a bit about the return of Dylan McDermott which he announced on his Twitter but has given no details about. Apparently, the two had planned his return since the end of the first season. Like the other actors that made a return for the second season, Murphy says that he wanted McDermott to play a completely different character. Murphy also revealed that McDermott will first appear in 2×09 which is the winter cliffhanger. His character is, “a big part of the last chunk of the episodes. We plotted and plotted and came up with something that is great and he actually starts filming tomorrow. I love it because it’s a real departure for Dylan, who is usually such a handsome leading man.”

On a final note, Murphy says not to rule out Leo yet, although he was brutally attacked (again) by Bloody Face. When asked if the character was still alive Murphy replied, “I cannot say because we reveal that in the third episode. We reveal who’s alive and who’s dead.”

What are you looking forward to seeing in the upcoming episodes of American Horror Story?

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