After the season 2 premiere of American Horror Story, Ryan Murphy is talking what’s to come and the return of Dylan McDermott! Warning: Spoiler Alert!!

In a bit of shocking casting news, Murphy revealed that Dylan McDermott will be appearing on the second season of American Horror Story. McDermott played Ben Harmon, one of the main characters, in the first season. Fans were led to believe that none of the Harmon’s would be appearing in the second season, but it looks like they will get lucky!

Murphy is also revealing how this season differs from the first. In speaking with Entertainment Weekly, he states that this year the show’s subject has more social significance and that the opening sequence hints at some of the metaphors they will be exploring. For example, he says we will learn the significance of the girl walking upside down the stairs in the second episode. Like we’ve heard some of the actors say, Murphy also echos that this year the horror is much more psychological.

In speaking about the Harmon family of the first season, Murphy says that fans admitted they weren’t rooting for the family. He believes that this year fans will be rooting for three or four of the characters, including Jessica Lange, Evan Peters, Sarah Paulson, and Chloe Sevigny. To sum up the theme of this season, Murphy said, “This year we’re really exploring the idea of madness, and I think madness, for people caught in that web, it must feel like a hallucinogenic nightmare reality.”

‘American Horror Story will always be about sex and violence.’

Much of the first season was centered around sex (no one can forget the Rubber Man), and fans won’t be missing out on it this season either. Murphy boldly says, “American Horror Story will always be about sex and violence.” So what fate will “The Lovers” be having this season? We saw Adam Levine, who plays Leo, lose his arm right at the start of the episode. Worry not, he is still going to be in many episodes. Murphy explains that although Leo is in a bad places he doesn’t die as quickly as anyone — and might even survive!

Leo and Teresa’s story will be like a story within a story. Fans won’t see the present story in every episode, rather it will skip around and wrap up in the final episode. Speaking about the tale of “The Lovers,” Murphy says, “I think it’s cool to tell a very modern story within a period frame work. I love the new Briarcliff dissolving into the old Briarcliff.”

The search for Alma and the mystery of her disappearance will continue on for the whole season. It’s up to the audience to find out if the aliens were real or if it was just in his mind. Murphy also divulged that he spent a lot of time researching abductions during the era that the season is placed in. And it seems like his inspiration for including it in the show was close to home:

We say in the first episode that 1964 was a very important year in which religion and science collided. Right around the time of the space program is when a lot of people claimed alien abduction theories. I’ve always been obsessed with alien abduction theories because one of my best friends tells me over and over again that she was abducted and experimented on.

So far fans have only gotten to see the limbs of the aliens, but soon they will get to see their faces. Murphy explains that he doesn’t want to show too much because he wants the fans to get invested in the story, which is also why we won’t see too much of the Raspers.

Do you think American Horror Story: Asylum will be as good as the first season?

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