Last night was a big shocker for American Horror Story:Asylum fans with the reveal of the serial killer Bloody Face’s true identity. Today, creator Ryan Murphy and some of the cast are responding to the revelation. Warning: Spoiler Alert!

Last night things took a turn for the worst when Lana fell into the clutches of Bloody Face. The catch was that it was someone she was trusting to help her escape all along. That’s right, Dr. Thredson turned out to be the sinister serial killer and now he’s got Lana all to himself. Now Ryan Murphy, Sarah Paulson, and Zachary Quinto are talking about the reveal and what’s to come!

Ryan Murphy spoke with Entertainment Weekly about “I Am Anne Frank” – Part 2 and revealed that now that fans know who Bloody Face is the next couple of episodes will get deeper into the mythology of Bloody Face. The show will get deep into his mind and explain his background to show why he became this monster. The show will use flashbacks to explain Thredson’s history. Murphy also revealed that he wants to show how society is partly responsible for Thredson. One thing for sure, this serial killer has some major mommy issues. In an upcoming episode fans will get to see what Murphy calls Thredson’s “mother’s substitute” through a flashback. That episode is entitled “The Origins of Monstrosity” and will also look at Dr. Arden and the Monsignor’s past.

Murphy also divulged that Lana has been in the same position as Thredson before. He heard her speaking about her dreams of becoming a reporter and wants her to write his own story. They have a connection she doesn’t yet know about. If you think things are bad for Lana now, they’re only going to get worse. Next week will be the darkest episode in the shows history according to Murphy.

While things might be getting bad for Lana, she will survive it…at least for some time in some capacity. Sarah Paulson cryptically told Vulture, “we’re shooting episode eleven right now, and I’m still alive. I just can’t tell you in what capacity. Maybe I’ve got no legs, maybe I’ve got no eyeballs, but I’m still shooting.” Although they did know from the start that Zachary Quinto’s character Thredson was going to be Bloody Face, Paulson says she was never told Lana was the one who’d be tortured and traumatized by the serial killer. Despite all of the abuse her character has taken Paulson says its refreshing to work on the show, “But really, it’s great. I haven’t done anything this emotionally open or raw because I haven’t been asked to do it. It’s why we all keep coming back to the show. Ryan, like Aaron Sorkin, has thrown me the ball. I would do anything he asked me to do. It would never occur to me to call him and say, ‘I don’t like this scene where I have to put my hands in my pants and touch this guy’s member.'”

Zachary Quinto was actually hesitant to play the role of a serial killer after his stint as the resident psycho on Hereoes. So what made Quinto take the leap? The actor told Entertainment Weekly that he was drawn to the fact that Thredson was a different kind of killer. Quinto enjoyed playing a character that seemed compassionate at the start of the show but had his own motives. He describes Dr. Thredson as being secretive, intelligent, and experienced in keeping his secrets hidden. While Quinto still doesn’t know the entire arc of the character as the writers are still working on the last three episodes he does say, “There’s a plan. He’s fiercely intelligent, and obviously ruthless in his willingness to create this world he’s making for himself. He’s delusional within himself. He’s not trying to sell you a story. He’s trying to believe it himself. You will learn more in the coming weeks about what motivated him to do these horrific crimes.”

What do you think about last night’s reveal? Were you expecting Dr. Thredson to be Bloody Face?

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