Get ready for next week’s asylum with the promo for American Horror Story 2×04 “I Am Anne Frank” – Part 1.

American Horror Story: Asylum 2×04 “I Am Anne Frank” – Part 1 will air Nov. 7 at 10 p.m. on FX.

A new patient claiming to be Anne Frank exposes Arden’s (James Cromwell) past. Kit (Evan Peters) learns why Grace (Lizzie Brocheré) was admitted to Briarcliff.

Next week Briarcliff will get a new patient with no identifaction but will claim to be a historical figure. The woman tells the staff that she is Anne Frank and is horrified when she see’s Dr. Arden. Sister Jude is on the hunt to expose his past. She confronts Monsignor Timothy Howard about it, telling him that there is mounting evidence that the doctor is a war criminal. Meanwhile Dr. Arden will continue to torture the patients with his bizarre experiments. Dr. Oliver Thredson will spend more time with Kit. Trouble is on the horizon for Grace and Kit who seem to lash out at his only friend in the asylum.

Ryan Murphy revealed in an interview that in “I Am Anne Frank” – Part 1 fans would be learning the past of two characters. Dr. Arden’s secrets from WWII will be revealed. We saw a sneak peek of this in episode 2×02 “Tricks and Treats” when the prostitute he had hired found of box of photos. We will also learn about Grace’s past.

What are you dying to learn next week?

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