Don’t miss this action packed preview for next week’s episode of American Horror Story: Asylum “Tricks and Treats” plus some spoilers!

The video opens with Sister Eunice questioning Dr. Arden about the creatures in the woods known as the Raspers. He gives a non-response of “All in good time,” could the doctor have a sinister plan for the mutated creatures he created? Kit will also be accusing Sister Jude of being a murderer, leaving her shaken which leads us to believe there’s reasoning behind his accusation. Dr. Thredson will be making his appearance in the second episode and isn’t happy with the practices of torture he sees. Dr. Arden and Sister Jude will also be working together to silence Lana who will try to escape with Shelley.

E! Online is also giving up some spoilers for the second episode. They reveal that “Tricks and Treats” will pick up with Teresa on the run from Bloody Face. They also say we will know the final fate of one of the lovers. Since Ryan Murphy went on the record of saying Leo would be sticking around for several episodes we’re guessing Teresa will be the one to meet her end!

The preview for “Tricks and Treats” also shows us that Dr. Thredson will be making his debut next week! He goes to the asylum to diagnose Kit and see if he is able to stand trial. He’ll be going against Sister Jude and Dr. Arden for his beliefs in mordern techniques. However a new patient shows him that not everything can be explained.

“Tricks and Treats” will also kick the lust up a notch. Someone else at the asylum becomes obsessed with one of the staff members. It’s supposed to make Sister Jude’s lust for Monsignor Timothy Howard look like a school girl crush.

Are you excited for the next episode of American Horror Story: Asylum?

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