American Horror Story is back next week with a new episode. In the meantime, check out the stills here for episode 2×10 “The Name Game”!

Episode synopsis:

While Arden concludes his experiments, Howard meets Mary Eunice’s inner self and Kit has an unexpected reunion.

American Horror Story episode 2×10 “The Name Game” will air Jan. 2 on FX.

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Jenna Dewan-Tatum recently told TV Guide that her character isn’t out of the show yet. Despite the fact that it appears her character has been killed by Johnny Thredson (a.k.a. modern day Bloody Face) her character has at least one more episode to appear in. She scooped that her appearance will include, “blood, screaming and probably more torture. Anything is possible on that show.”

Speaking of Johnny Thredson, Dylan McDermott spoke with Chicago Pride and gave them some details on upcoming episodes involving his character. McDermott says that his character is much like his father in that he is obsessed with being unwanted by his mother. He explains, “The reason he’s doing all these horrible things is because he was rejected so harshly by his mother, aborted. His father was a serial killer. His mother aborted him and he still lives. So his whole trajectory in life is really about her.”

Another snippet he revealed about Johnny is that he’s addicted to crack, which is something fans will see in upcoming episodes. It’s part of what allows him to do such horrible things to women. McDermott also revealed his character will be involved for at least the next three to four episodes.

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