9:26 pm EDT, January 2, 2019

‘American Gods’ season 2 sneak peek proves Crispin Glover is the perfect Mr. World

American Gods season 2 ramps up the coming war between the old and new gods. Watch a sneak peek of the premiere.

Crispin Glover is disarming in nearly every role he plays. This is especially evident as he leaves his digital footprint as Mr. World in the American Gods season 2 sneak peek.

The first season saw Mr. World laying out a vision for Mr. Wednesday. He presents a world in which people will still speak his name, a place where people will provide their worship in a new way.

But that recruiting process did not exactly go according to plan. Here we find World freshly wounded as the result of Wednesday’s declaration in the season 1 finale, “Come to Jesus.” A damaged, yet determined, Mr. World makes his next move against Wednesday, while tasking Tech Boy with a mission of his own.

There is something about Mr. World that leaves you feeling hollow and haunted. Like you just can’t shake his words, not because they rain down like the powerful display of Mr. Wednesday put on in the season 1 finale. But rather because they tap into another form of power — persuasion.

In American Gods season 1, episode 5, “Lemon Scented You,” we got the first look at Wednesday and World going toe-to-toe. The scene in the interrogation room introduced the power players and contrasted them with their number one lackeys — Shadow and Mr. Wednesday, Technical Boy and Mr. World.

As shown in the clip above, Bruce Langley’s Technical Boy continues to play the perfect foil to Glover’s Mr. World. He is quick to throw rage and challenge the present, for example ignoring the GPS because he “knows where he is going.” But when Mr. World issues a task, he is almost at attention and Worlds voice echoes and lingers after he nearly whispers his directive — “You will find her.”

He is of course, talking about Media (who will be played by Kahyun Kim in season 2).

Technical Boy wants to take action, wants to upgrade, achieve the next level. If you’re not making advances, you’re falling behind. But Mr. World, well, he wants to play the long game. Collect the pieces, present the final war to Odin all wrapped up in a bow. And as season 2 unfolds, we’ll get closer to the end game both sides are arming themselves for.

Until then, we’ll keeping making our way to the House on the Rock.

American Gods season 2 premieres Sunday, March 10 on Starz.

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