3:15 pm EDT, April 30, 2018

‘American Gods’ confirms 2019 return, teases House on the Rock

American Gods is set to return in 2019. But will the Starz series be able to capture the magic that season 1 did?

Chaotic, uncertain, compelling are a few words I believe describe the narrative of American Gods over the last year. And now they are assembling once more to kick off production on the second installment of the series. The first look is AMAZING.

The show premiered in April 2017 and week after week arguably delivered the best television adaptation of a beloved and cherished novel on cable. (See also: The Handmaid’s Tale, Shadowhunters.)

Each week my fellow American Gods superfan, Natalie, and I worked through the changes, the improvements, and visual spectacle that told the opening passages of Shadow Moon’s journey. For more, read our full recap conversations here.

The series concluded and our appetite for season 2 was ravenous. Now, finally, a glimpse at what awaits us in season 2.

‘American Gods’ season 2: First Look

Darker? Perfect. Dangerous? Excellent.

‘American Gods’ — What is he House on the Rock?

Got questions like “How could a carousel at a off-the-beaten-path attraction in Wisconsin garner this much excitement?”

For book lovers, the House on the Rock’s labyrinth-style museum offers the setting for a counsel of Old Gods in the novel. It is where Wednesday, Shadow, Czernobog, among others are headed at the close of season 1. The literal (and very real) House on the Rock is a large self-guided treasure trove of collections, enormous feats of architecture, and a food court.

While there is no temple for Oden, Czernobog, Bilquis, or any of the Old Gods in American, there is this place. A place where the seemingly unimportant and eccentric ideas of one man’s past are given reverence. It’s a place where people can spend their money, their time, and offer their attention to something that confuses them.

Like the Gods, it continues to exist because people pay it a form of worship.

By and large, my excitement for season 2 remains reasonably high. It was not a great fall for fans of the series as nearly all the wonder and awe attached to the series seemed to be slowly sucked into a void created by the departure of Bryan Fuller and Michael Green.

What followed was the uncertainty of the actors return (Gillian Anderson will not reprise her role as Media), whether or not anyone was actually fired or left on their own accord, and a whole slew of they said/he said/she said.

Eventually, a new showrunner, Jesse Alexander, took the helm, Neil Gaiman remained in his original role, and production began as winter (finally) began to thaw in 2018.

With this first look, the excitement is bubbling up yet again. I cannot wait to see Ricky Whittle as Shadow Moon once more. Seeing a glimpse of The House on the Rock fills me with butterflies. This is still one of my all-time favorite novels coming to life. This is still Neil Gaiman’s words in this brilliant cast’s form. This is still American Gods.

American Gods will return in 2019.

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