Watch: Countries around the world are vying to be second to Trump’s ‘America First’

"We know it's gonna be America First. But can we say The Netherlands second?"

7:43 am EST, February 9, 2017

Using his own words, countries around the world have released videos trying to convince Trump to declare them ‘second’ to America.

It’s no secret that Trump becoming President of the United States has made the world a little nervous. But what better way to diffuse then tension than with a little humor?

It all started when a Dutch television show released a ‘Dear President Trump’ parody video, which makes fun of both Trump himself and their own country, pointing out all the reasons why he should totally pick The Netherlands as ‘second’ to America:

The uncomfortably hilarious video was only the beginning, because soon, other European nations started vying for the ‘honor’ of being second.

Not only do these videos mix self-deprecating humor with uncomfortable truths, but there’s also plenty of parody to go around for The Netherlands and other countries who’ve made videos — because European countries love to make fun of each other at least as much as they love making fun of America.

Here’s a select few videos that make a particularly good case for why they should be second:

Not only do these videos remind us of the power of parody, but it’s also just a fun way to see how countries view themselves and what impact Trump has made on the global scale.

And it doesn’t end with Europe! The video series has spread to the whole world, some obviously being funnier than others, but the true genius being in the sheer variety of countries represented.

Take Iran, for example, who really only want to make sure Trump doesn’t confuse them with Iraq:

And Namibia, who are okay with being ‘first’ in Africa:

Australia also gets in on the fun, referencing the recent disastrous phone call between Trump and the Prime Minister and overall making some stellar arguments:

We’d keep linking videos but there are more than 15 so far! If you want to see how other countries introduce themselves to President Trump including Lithuania, Austria and France, head over to Every Second Counts, where there’s a big interactive map to guide you where you want to go ‘second.’

Only LOSERS have no sense of humor, right?

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