If you’re a Dish subscriber, you know you’ve been screwed out of watching AMC’s great line up of shows over the past few months.

Now, a deal has been made and it’s returning to your subscription.

Cablevision Systems and AMC announced that they’ve settled litigation with Dish. This means fans of The Walking Dead, Breaking Bad, and Mad Men will finally get new episodes of their favorite shows back. It’s particularly good news for Walking Dead fans since the new season premiered on AMC last week. A new episode premieres today.

UPDATE: AMC will indeed return today, and the new Walking Dead episode will air tonight.

AMC has been relentlessly reminding viewers that their network is not available on Dish in recent television commercials.

Last week The Walking Dead premiered to huge, record-breaking ratings without the help of Dish customers. The number could’ve been significantly higher if the network were available.

Pictured above is a graphic AMC had released in the Spring to rile up Mad Men fans and asked them to call Dish and complain. “Tell DISH that you’re really mad!” the graphic stated. “Call now and demand AMC back!”

The campaign didn’t motivate Dish to do anything. Nonetheless, it’s on its way back now.

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