3:41 pm EDT, October 11, 2018

AMC ‘Fantastic Beasts’ event lets you see ‘Grindelwald’ several days early

AMC has quietly announced a “Fantastic Fandom Event” happening at many of their IMAX theaters around the country, and it gives you a pretty special opportunity.

The event lets you see Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald the evening of Tuesday, November 13 — that’s a whopping two/three days early. Even better, AMC promises there’ll be no trailers, meaning this film is starting right at the ticketed time.

The movie will also give attendees “an event giveaway item.” Check your local AMC theater here.

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If that type of event (or price) isn’t for you, tickets appear to be slowly but surely coming online in theaters across the country. Keep an eye out!

In related news, the track list for the Crimes of Grindelwald soundtrack was revealed today. Scroll down if you’re curious, but beware of potential spoilers!

1. The Threstal Chase (8:04)
2. Newt and Leta (2:32)
3. Dumbledore (2:11)
4. The Kelpie (1:32)
5. Newt and Jacob Pack for Paris (2:27)
6. Nagini (4:15)
7. Newt Tracks Tina (2:27)
8. Queenie Searches for Jacob (1:35)
9. Irma and the Obscurus (2:56)
10. Blood Pact (2:29)
11. Capturing the Zouwu (1:33)
12. Traveling to Hogwarts (1:06)
13. Leta’s Flashback (4:40)
14. Salamander Eyes (2:38)
15. Matagots (2:15)
16. Your Story is Our Story (3:21)
17. Leta’s Confession (5:14)
18. Vision of War (3:49)
19. Spread the Word (4:01)
20. Wands into the Earth (4:04)
21. Restoring Your Name (6:20)
22. Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald (2:40)
23. Dumbledore’s Theme (Piano Solo) (1:27)
24. Fantastic Beasts Theme (Piano Solo) (1:37)
25. Leta’s Theme (Piano Solo) (2:04)

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