Amazon teases a Kindle-related ‘Harry Potter’ announcement (updated)

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8:40 pm EST, May 9, 2012

A very vigilant eye at PaidContent found a banner and owl on Amazon’s Kindle page with the wording, “Wizardry is on the way.”

UPDATE: Hypable reader Jed noticed something that reveals what this is all about!

It seems that it is teasing an upcoming announcement related to Kindle, which could suggest something Pottermore-related. It is very mysterious and vague, but what could it mean?

Here’s analysis from the PaidContent article that found the banner:

When I asked Amazon about this, a spokeswoman told me, “We’ll have to ask you to stay tuned for an upcoming announcement.” The company declined to comment on timing.

The banner, on the Kindle home page, is in the Harry Potter font and isn’t clickable.

The announcement surely makes us wonder, but hopefully we will learn very soon what the banner is all about.

Editor’s note: We suspect this means that Harry Potter e-books will be available on Presently, Kindle owners who want to purchase the books are sent from Amazon’s site to the Pottermore Shop. After this announcement, you may be able to purchase the books directly on Amazon’s site or your Kindle.

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