A leaked Allegiant spoiler has many fans refusing to read the final Divergent book. Here’s why you should read it anyway (no spoilers).

This post is spoiler free, please respect this in the comments. You can discuss all those ‘Allegiant’ spoilers with your fellow readers here.

When a highly anticipated book is released, there is always the danger of spoilers. Some people love them, others hate them. And if the book leaks early, you can be sure that you’ll be seeing a lot more of them.

veronica roth allegiant spoilersFollowing the release of Allegiant, some of these spoilers have been confirmed within the fandom. And due to several particular choices by author Veronica Roth, it seems some fans are deciding not to read the book at all.

A lot happens in Allegiant, and Roth has made some choices that will not be universally accepted by fans of the series. However, it isn’t fair to reduce the entire story of Allegiant to one single event, whatever that event may be.

That is the problem with Allegiant spoilers. They are given as a snippet of information, without context or explanation. Everything seems worse when it is condensed in an angry tweet.

Allegiant is the final book in the Divergent trilogy. Part of the joy of this book is the reading experience itself, and knowing that (finally!) all of our questions will get answers.

Some fans will read the book for closure on a series they have loved – some will simply want to know what happens. There is no wrong way to read a book, but to refuse to read it simply because an author made a bold decision is unfair. If you were excited to read it two days ago, why has that suddenly changed?

Other people seem to be forgetting that, as an author, Roth doesn’t owe it to them to wrap up her story the way that they would wish. After all, this is her story, and her series. Really, we’re just lucky that she decided to share it with us in the first place.

Don’t get us wrong – Allegiant isn’t just 500 pages of revelations and curveballs (although there are a fair few of those). As we have come to expect after reading Divergent and Insurgent, there is plenty of action, and some much needed humour.

Roth also gives us some wonderful character moments, including the introduction of new characters, and the developing of relationships between characters we would never have expected. This might not be a book for everyone, but it isn’t a bad book.

Luckily for us, the Divergent fandom does not end here. The highly anticipated film adaptation is on its way, and there are three more Four short stories still to come. And if you didn’t enjoy the way Allegiant ended, there are plenty of ways to tell the story in the way you wanted, including fan-art and fan-fiction.

Just don’t deprive yourself of this closure and this experience simply because you might disagree with Roth. Don’t be deterred by any Allegiant spoilers you have stumbled across.

You don’t have to love Allegiant after you have finished it – you don’t even have to like it. What you should do is give it a chance. Read it, and then form your own opinions about the events that take place – in the context of the story, you may think about them differently.

And if you don’t, that’s your prerogative, just as it is Roth’s to tell her story the way that she wants to.

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