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7 reasons to be excited for Alexis Denisof’s new role in ‘Legacies’ season 2

Anyone who has watched Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Angel in their lifetime knows why adding Alexis Denisof to the Legacies season 2 cast is the absolute best news ever.

You see, Alexis played a pretty beloved character in the Buffy-verse. Wesley started off as a Watcher, there to assist both Buffy and Faith in the wake of Rupert Giles’ firing from the Watcher’s Council. He started out wearing elbow patches and spectacles. Fortunately for him, when he failed to control both Buffy and Faith, the Council fired him, too, refusing even to fly him back to England.

That’s when Wesley really came alive as a character. He styled himself in a long black leather coat and called himself a rogue demon hunter. He then worked seamlessly alongside Angel Investigations until some unfortunate circumstances put Wesley on a collision course with his friends.

I don’t tell you all this to ruin Buffy or Angel watches for newbie fans, but to illustrate that this actor definitely knows his way around the world of the supernatural. Not to mention how cool it is to get a Buffy/Angel alum in the TVD Universe. It links the universes in a more direct way than just being about vampires and the supernatural.

Anyway, there are tons of reasons to be excited about adding another adult character to the Legacies cast, and most especially to add a supernatural one.

Why adding Alexis Denisof to the ‘Legacies’ cast should have us all freakishly excited

  1. With Alaric leaving his fate to an Honor Council vote, Emma leaving town for a bit to give Alaric a wake up call, and Deacon the only remaining adult on campus, it’s important that the school gets some sort of leadership, and all the better if the new teacher is a supernatural.
  2. We learned that Alaric won’t be the Headmaster at the Salvatore School when we return to Mystic Falls for season 2 at SDCC, so with someone stepping into his shoes, it’s not outside the realm of possibility that Deacon goes looking for a supernatural adult to step into Alaric’s shoes in running the school.
  3. We also learned at SDCC that the new Headmaster that steps in to run the school after Alaric’s departure doesn’t see things the way Alaric did. It would make absolute sense that a British sorcerer would have a more supernatural-leaning way of seeing the world, rather than Alaric’s human point-of-view.
  4. Courtesy of TVline’s casting announcement, we learn that Denisof’s character is described as an “urbane British sorcerer” and goes “by the name of Professor Vardemus.” We will reportedly meet this new face in episode 2, which tracks with what we learned about episode 1. Most importantly, this character “wins over the Salvatore students with his steadfast belief in the superiority of their supernatural world.” Uh. Oh.
  5. Denisof’s experience acting in supernatural shows amps up the excitement factor, because he’s well prepared to step into a show like this and make his character’s presence known.
  6. I am all for any and all connections between Buffy and Legacies. While TVD and The Originals had some pretty major differences from the cultural behemoth, Legacies has definitely leaned in to the Buffy-esque similarities, especially when you consider the monster-of-the-week format of Legacies season 1, and Hope’s one-of-a-kind nature as well.
  7. Also this adds two major positives toward the possibility of seeing Candace King back on our screens as Caroline Forbes. It takes a little of the pressure off of Candace to come back and play a substantive role as the supernatural leader of the school, since the kids might have a new strong supernatural role model. At the same time, it makes it easier for her to return for a short arc, since Professor Vardemus seems to have a VERY different way of seeing the school’s mission than what Caroline and Alaric had in mind when they opened the Salvatore School. That might be enough to provoke Caroline to return and try to keep things at the school from getting out of control.

Legacies returns with season 2 on October 10, 2019.

What are you most excited to see from Alexis Denisof in ‘Legacies’ season 2?

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