Collider sat down with Alexandra Daddario, who plays Annabeth in Percy Jackson, and talked about her latest movie (Texas Chainsaw 3D), the upcoming Sea of Monsters, and her future projects.

Watch the video below, with Percy Jackson news coming in around the 11 minute mark.

On the Sea of Monsters front, which will be released in August of next year, Daddario talks about her appreciation for the movie and the fanbase. After not hearing any news about a sequel for quite some time, she says that she was excited to be back on the Percy Jackson set again. “It’s great to be a part of something that inspires kids,” she says. “It’s really a wonderful franchise to be a part of.”

She also notes (to the cheers of fans all around the world, we’re sure) that this movie is going to be closer to the book than The Lightning Thief was. One of the most obvious changes is, of course, the fact that Annabeth now has blonde hair.

This film will also have a lot of green screen – though that’s not too surprising, considering there are a lot of monsters to be seen in the sequel. But Daddario didn’t mind; she actually enjoyed working that way because it allowed her to imagine whatever she wanted.

We’ve got a little less than a year to go before we can see the sequel to The Lightning Thief. Are you excited, or do you think it’ll be a dud like the last one?

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