11:55 am EDT, March 13, 2018

Alec Baldwin to reprise his role on ‘Will & Grace’

Look out, honey! Alec Baldwin is back on Will & Grace as his delightfully bizarre, shady character, Malcolm Widmark.

The first season of the Will & Grace has gained mixed reviews from fans, but undoubtedly one of the best things about bringing the show back has been getting to reconnect with our friends from the show. Sure, it’s great to check back in with Will, Grace, Karen, and Jack, but the show has been really great about bringing back some of the other well-loved characters from the show like Vince, Leo, Larry, and more.

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The first season wraps up soon, but not before bringing back another beloved character to the small screen for the final two episodes. Alec Baldwin had a brief run on the original series of Will & Grace as Malcolm Widmark, a government agent who had been dealing with the aftermath of Stan faking his death (and also having a brief fling with Karen on the side).

His character was weird, but an utter delight to have onscreen, and with Baldwin’s SNL chops, it’s not surprising that he took part in one of the show’s two live episodes. And while it seemed that we were going to go the entire first season of the reboot with nary a Malcolm sighting, Entertainment Weekly just announced that indeed, Malcolm is back, and he’s vying for Karen’s heart.

From the looks of the first image (and how impeccably Malcolm’s outfit matches the curtains behind him), it seems that Karen’s ex hasn’t quite left his days of covert operations of the heart behind. We don’t know exactly what Malcolm’s introduction into the show will mean for Karen, but we’re excited to see these two work together because Megan Mullaly and Alec Baldwin always had delightful, hilarious chemistry together.

Baldwin will appear in the final two episodes of Will & Grace, so be sure you don’t miss them. Will & Grace airs on Thursdays on NBC, so get your DVR ready.

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