The merchandise side of J.K. Rowling’s Wizarding World empire has made Albus Severus and Scorpius’ Harry Potter and the Cursed Child wands available for purchase.

The wands appear to be exclusively available through The Cursed Child’s store at the Palace Theater and on their website (unlike the other characters’ wands, which are available at the theme parks and through The Noble Collection).

The straight-as-an-arrow wand is Albus’, and the bent one with roman numerals is Scorpius’.

Why the numerals? As wand designer Christine Jones explains to Pottermore, “Scorpius’s wand is more rough-hewn. There are dark patches and light patches, and in my mind the markings are the markings of time. I imagine he might have carved them himself as a way of forming his identity by marking time and his presence in the carvings.”

The two characters lead Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. When you read or see the play, you can’t help but observe that the two offspring are developing feelings for one another. Still, Cursed Child no-homo’s the situation by sticking Scorpius with Rose at the end of the play.

If Rose is so important, why isn’t her wand available? Hmmmmm?

With all that in mind, don’t let Albus and Scorpius’ wands touch if you purchase both.

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