8:25 am EST, February 11, 2019

‘Aladdin’ TV spot gives first look at Will Smith’s blue genie

The first TV spot was released for the live-action Aladdin, and it finally shows us what Will Smith will look like as a blue genie.

Disney is taking its beloved, classic cartoon Aladdin and adapting it into a live-action film. A new TV spot for the movie premiered during the Grammys, and it included some never-before-seen footage, including our first look at Will Smith in all of his blue glory as the Genie.

Of course, this isn’t our first look at the characters in the live-action adaptation. Disney released a teaser, and they also partnered with Entertainment Weekly to release pictures from the film. But this is the very first time we’ve seen Smith as the Genie in his blue form (the EW spread had him in his human disguise).

Obviously, aspects of the characters’ costumes have to change in the journey to live action. Aladdin’s hat has been reworked to be a functioning piece of headwear rather than an Abu-styled fez. He’s got a shirt on underneath his vest, and Jasmine’s classic turquoise outfit has been revamped to look familiar while making it a bit more wearable for everyday princess life.

So we get that not everything will look just like the cartoon. But Will Smith’s look as Genie in his blue form has got a lot of fans scratching their heads. While it has to be hard to turn a beloved, blue cartoon character into one that looks remotely believable in real life, there’s something about Smith’s blue look that looks incomplete and almost a bit creepy.

Of course, this is only one small portion from the movie, and we still have several months before Aladdin opens in theaters on May 24. Hopefully by the time the movie opens, Genie will become a bit less jarring and will look a bit more like the friendly Genie we all know and love.

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