The American Horror Story news keeps pouring in following the announcement of season 4’s title. Find out who is coming back for season 4 and where we will find them below!

More details for American Horror Story season 4 follows Ryan Murphy’s news that the show will be titled Freak Show. Entertainment Weekly reports a few key details about the first of two settings for the show and reveal Jessica Lange’s role in the mix of characters.

Where are we?

The 1950’s portion of the show will find our favorites in the humid city of Jupiter, Florida. As expected, Jessica Lange will act as ring leader to a group of misfits as she tries anything to save one of the final freak shows in the United States. So what about that German accent? Well it looks as though Jessica Lange will also have a past as an ex-German pat.

Who’s around?

Jessica Lange’s group of freaks is certainly not lacking in numbers when it comes to returning favorites. Sarah Paulson, Kathy Bates, Angela Bassett, Evan Peters AND Francis Conroy are all expected to turn up as “unusuals” under Lange’s control. Other stars are still in talks to return, but Emma Roberts and Dennis O’Hare are expected to make a comeback as well.

Notably missing from the role-call are Taissa Farmiga, Gabourey Sidibe, Lily Rabe, and Jamie Brewer. Once again, however, Murphy and company have already put together a rather impressive female-driven cast.

Earlier today, the title for series was revealed via Ryan Murphy’s Twitter account. The potential that rests in a freak show setting for a horror driven series is endless. Let’s hope the writers take care to narrow their focus enough to make something truly unforgettable. They are not lacking in the talent department, that is for sure, and they have 13 episodes to prove they know how to use it!

Be sure to check back as more American Horror Story casting announcements are made and further details are added!

Who are you excited to see back on ‘American Horror Story’ Freak Show?

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