An AHS crossover is happening! How will Murder House and Coven come together? Will we see the Antichrist verse the Supreme?

Two of AHS contemporary installments are joining forces. Coven and Murder House will cross over in a new season. That event, according to Murphy, will not take place next season.

The excitement surrounding the show’s future plan is well-founded. Coven drew in masses of fans with its campy New Orleans witch hunt. While its predecessor, Murder House, set the stage for the rest of the series.

Some potential problems creep up when you consider the involvement of Ryan Murphy’s cult collection of actors. Staples from Murder House, including Dylan McDermott and Connie Britton, luckily do not have any ties to Coven.

AHS Murder House

But what about Jessica Lange, Sarah Paulson, Evan Peters, Denis O’Hare, Jamie Brewer, and Tessa Famiglia?

Timing is going to play a large role in this revival/crossover. We’re not just talking about scheduling many A-list actors, either. The new installment needs to find a space where at least one of the returning actor’s counterparts are dead.

Let’s break down all the details AHS needs to keep in mind for this crossover to work!

The Antichrist versus the The Supreme

Ghosts of the world, unite! Ideally, the new series will pick up after the conclusion of both installments.

Murder House closes with Constance saying to Michael, “Now what am I going to do with you?” Remember that Constance took the demon child born of Vivian and left Los Angeles. Their return three years later instantly results in the death of a nanny.


Cordelia Foxx’s announcement to the world that witches live among the common man invites a great deal of attention to her New Orleans academy. Perhaps they gain the attention of the wrong child.

Alternatively, maybe the spirits living next door require some assistance from the Supreme.

Does this mean Jessica Lange is returning?

Unfortunately, with these circumstances there are plenty of loopholes to remove all of her characters. If this does result in a showdown between the Supreme and the Antichrist, Constance might already be dead off camera.


Additionally, we do not think that Cordelia will be summoning mommy dearest from hell for help.

Taking ‘Hotel’ into consideration

A lot of events in the AHS universe took place in those three years of Constance’s absence. Billie Dean Howard’s Lifetime show began, the events of Coven unfolded, and Hotel’s serial killer dinner gained Detective John Lowe.

Hotel also already staged a Coven and Murder House crossover last year. Characters from both series did not cross paths, but they did prove some important points about Murphy’s universe.

AHS Hotel episode 11 recap feature

First, the characters will not pay attention to the striking similarities with new characters. When Billie Dean Howard pokes around to film her Lifetime series, no one bats an eye at her striking resemblance to Sally. Bates’ concierge Iris does not recognize her as the Supreme, either.

Second, sacred spaces are sacred for a reason. Dying on the property of the Murder House and the Hotel means that those spirits are bound to that location.

Location, location, location

The show must take place in Los Angeles. Elements, we’re sure, can happen in New Orleans. However, in order to bring back the highest number of characters, we must return to the actual Murder House.

AHS scariest episodes feature

Where does that leave the dead of Coven? Fan favorites Madison Montgomery, Delphine LaLaurie, Myrtle Snow, and many, many others will have to find a way to return from Hell. Or, which might end up being the case, return as new characters.

Bring back the Halloween specials

AHS must bring back the Halloween specials. They went away with them for Roanoke since it has enough going on with the Blood Moon arc, and it is similar to the previous Halloween plots, where the dead can walk among and kill the living, yet it does not pack the same punch as past seasons.

Raising the dead is going to be a huge factor in this crossover. Between the two series, the starting casts have less than a dozen characters with a beating heart.

Hopefully, the AHS kept a master show bible for these installments! Bringing together two fan-favorite seasons leaves the show subject to a great deal of scrutiny.

We’ll be ready to pick it apart. Will you?

Watch AHS: Roanoke “Chapter 8” Wednesday, November 2 at 10:00 p.m. ET on FX.

What do you want to see in the ‘AHS’ crossover?

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