11:00 am EDT, June 12, 2019

‘Aggretsuko’ is the perfect anime for office workers

Get ready to rage out with Aggretsuko, an anime about dreams, reality, and aggression that is hilariously relatable to office workers.

The show’s first season dropped in April 2018 and, according to Rotten Tomatoes, Aggretsuko is super fresh with a 100% rating. It’s a mix of corporate satire in the style of Office Space but the starring cast is anthropomorphic and reflective of the common personalities types that exist under fluorescent lights and in cubicle spaces.

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Aggretsuko follows Retsuko, an adorable 25-year-old red panda who works in accounting at a Japanese trading firm.

She’s frustrated with almost every element of her daily life – the blaring alarm clock, uncomfortable transit to work, annoying co-workers, and her literal pig of a boss who shoves work in her face while dropping sexist comments so he can do nothing all day long.

Her coping mechanisms involve her processing her real thoughts quietly in her head and screaming death metal into a microphone at a karaoke bar. Retsuko is the middle space between a completely carefree friend who works when she feels like it and the seemingly powerful and confident ladies who have gained coveted positions in the company.

Does she want to live the unattached life? Or, is she trying to become one of the ladies who goes into a fab office space? Her journey to discover that is a major part of the first season and will continue when the show returns on June 14.

Like most office people, she’s frustrated about having to do her job and others, living the same day over and over again, and wanting more for her life but not having the true time nor confidence to explore other options. There’s a constant search for more, whether it is a dream job, love, or just the basic respect and recognition she deserves as a loyal worker.

And, she realizes that some things are worth her time and some people’s lives aren’t what they seem to be from her outside perspective.

Aggretsuko is filled with people that anyone who has worked a typical 9-5 sees every single day. There’s the social media obsessed Fenneko, the “secretary who is the actual boss” Ms. Washimi, the local gossip Kabae, and Tsubone, who refuses to miss an opportunity to push her work off on subordinates and causes some kind of drama all the time.

Their comedic beats and interactions with Retsuko are a slightly exaggerated depiction of what goes down in an office environment that makes viewers laugh and want to poke a little fun at the people who are like them in their office. And, perhaps they will be inspired by Retsuko’s journey to give some things a try, stand up for themselves, and come face to face with the things that make them unhappy.

Thankfully, Aggretsuko season 1 is a super easy binge that only takes a little over two hours to complete in total. That’s only two lunch breaks (yes, some people still take those) of comedy and fun as you root for Retsuko to rage against the corporate machine.

And, maybe you will find your local karaoke bar to let loose a little steam from your own daily grind.

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