12:00 pm EDT, July 2, 2015

Hypable’s Fandom Fix: ‘Agent Carter’ and ‘Percy Jackson’

This week’s Fandom Fix focuses on a replica of Agent Peggy Carter’s hat and a customizable Percy Jackson shirt.


Fandom Fix is a weekly feature article written by Donya Abramo and Karen Rought. With every installment, the duo picks out a fandom-related item they’ve recently come across and describes it in loving detail. There are no product placements here. We only talk about items we’re excited to share with the rest of the world.

You can get your Fandom Fix in a variety of ways, be it jewelry, clothing, games, or something else entirely. We strive to remain unbiased, and we plan on constantly expanding our own horizons as we search for new and interesting pieces. The only requirement is that it must give us the burning need to open our wallets and throw money at its creator.


Agent Carter hat

After a jam-packed weekend at Indy PopCon, full of amazing costumes, I’m feeling seriously pumped up to put together my own collection of Marvel lady outfits for next year. And where better to start than with Peggy Carter herself?

This is the exact same hat used on Agent Carter, so if you’re looking for authenticity, then this is the hat for you. And, let’s be real, I don’t even need the excuse of a convention to wear this. Grocery shopping? Agent Carter hat. Day at the office? Agent Carter hat. Chasing down Hydra and kicking their ass? Agent Carter hat.

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Just try to convince me that this wouldn’t be the single greatest $82.50 that I would ever invest in headwear.

Price: $82.50 | Del Monico Hatter


camp halfblood shirt

I have both an official Camp Half-Blood and Camp Jupiter shirt, though I will admit I easily wear the former twice as much as the latter. There’s just something about the original that makes me feel nostalgic.

With that being said, I present to you this amazing CHB shirt that you can customize to reflect your godly parent. Think you’re a son of Poseidon just like Percy? Perhaps you want to channel your mother’s wisdom just like Annabeth. Or maybe you’re light-footed and quick-fingered just like Hermes.

This particular shop carries both men’s, women’s, and unisex designs and allows you to put any of the major gods on the back of your shirt. While I wouldn’t mind if there was a wider selection, this definitely has my preferred choice (Athena, obviously).

The best part about this shirt is that it makes for an incredibly easy cosplay or Halloween costume. Throw on some shorts of jeans, find a beaded necklace, maybe include a weapon or two, and you’re a demigod. Congratulations!

Price: $14.90 | ShirtsForYouNet

Would you go for the ‘Agent Carter’ hat or the ‘Percy Jackson’ shirt?

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