4:30 pm EDT, January 31, 2016

‘Agent Carter’s flamingo pal ruffles feathers on Twitter

Bernard the Flamingo has made quite a splash on Agent Carter season 2, and now the wild pink bird is making a name for himself on Twitter, too.

In between all the romantic drama and Zero Matter hullabaloo, Bernard the Flamingo has emerged as an unlikely hero (and sometimes menace) of Agent Carter season 2. As is all the rage nowadays, Bernard has also taken up roost on Twitter under the moniker @bernard_st4rk – and “the devil in pink” is on quite a roll. Here are just a few of our favorite moments.

The time he changed American politics.

The time he joined the Angie Martinelli Love Train.

The time he took his, er, rightful place in the superhero pantheon.

The time he was totally, totally innocent of any wrongdoing.

The time Jack Thompson ruffled the wrong feathers.

The time Bernard gave us the inside scoop on the Jarvis’ marriage!

The time a few personal secrets spilled out.

The time he might have accessorized incorrectly.

The time he and Sousa kind of got each other.

The time he got into a tiff with a fellow inmate.

The time he was a technological troublemaker.

The time even His Pinkness was bested by Peggy Carter.

Agent Carter season 2, episode 4, “Smoke and Mirrors,” airs on Feb. 2 at 9:00 p.m. on ABC.

What are your favorite Bernard moments on ‘Agent Carter’ season 2?

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