11:15 am EDT, June 12, 2018

‘Teen Wolf’ showrunner Jeff Davis to write, executive produce live-action ‘Aeon Flux’ reboot at MTV

If you’ve been dying to know what Teen Wolf creator Jeff Davis will be working on next, then the wait is over. He may be back at MTV, but don’t expect to see more werewolves any time soon.

The last episode of Teen Wolf aired nine months ago, but if you’re anything like me, then it’s felt like a lifetime. I’ve been patiently waiting to hear more about the previously announced Let the Right One In and War of the Worlds, but all has been quiet for over a year.

That changed Tuesday morning (June 12) when The Hollywood Reporter announced that Davis will be writing the script and executive producing an Aeon Flux reboot over at MTV.

Originally, Aeon was an animated series that ran for three seasons on MTV in the early ’90s. In 2005, Charlize Theron starred in a live-action film of the same name. Now, the series is moving back to the small screen, but will be keeping its live-action elements.

In addition to Davis, Gale Anne Hurd, who produces both The Walking Dead and Fear the Walking Dead, will executive produce Aeon Flux. She was also a producer on the 2005 film.

The original animated television show was set in the year 7698 and in a world where an environmental collapse nearly killed the entire population of Earth. Only two boarder cities exist, and our titular character, an assassin, must infiltrate the neighboring city.

In the film, Aeon lived in the last city on Earth and was a part of a rebel force keen on taking down the police state that hid behind a picture-perfect facade.

While the movie was not well-received, the animated series continues to be heralded despite its short time on air, coming in at a total of 16 episodes.

MTV appears to be trying to cash in on this era of reboots, not only eyeing Aeon Flux and War of the Worlds, but attempting to revive Jersey Shore, Yo MTV Raps, TRL, and Real World.

Though a genre series itself, Aeon Flux is quite a different beast that Davis’ Teen Wolf, though the latter has given Davis plenty of experience balancing action, humor, and heart, as well as stitching together a realistic albeit supernatural world.

I, for one, can’t wait to see this project come to life.

Will you be tuning into the ‘Aeon Flux’ reboot?

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