1:00 pm EST, December 3, 2013

22 actors who almost got the part (and changed your childhood)

Terri Conn in ‘Bring It On’

Aside from the fact that her name rhymes with the title of the movie, this girl has no business with our Torrence. Terri who? Exactly. We’re total Kirsten Dunst cheerleaders. (Source)

Sara Paxton in ‘Lizzie McGuire’

Paxon almost landed the role that made Hilary Duff famous. Since then, Duff has become a successful business woman. And Paxton has played a mermaid. We’ll let you be the judge. (Source)

Hilary Duff in ‘Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen’

Lindsay Lohan’s role was first offered to Duff. It’s a good thing she turned it down because now that LiLo has gone off the rails, we need all the good memories we can get. (Source)

Kelly Osbourne/Michelle Trachtenberg in ‘Freaky Friday’

LiLo was almost missing from this masterpiece as well, thanks to Kelly Osbourne and Michelle Trachtenberg. But Lindsay was a veteran of unnecessary remakes by this point, so that probably worked in her favour. (Source/Source)

Michelle Trachtenberg in ‘The Parent Trap’

Trachtenberg strikes again! Alright, she is pretty adorable as a kid. But LiLo! And freckles! And the overwhelming sadness and nostalgia we feel watching this film now that she has grown up (and grow up weird)! No, just us? (Source)

Jesse McCartney in ‘She’s the Man’

No one remembers Jesse McCartney’s music career, but no one remembers this guy from She’s the Man anyway, so this would have been a good fit. Remember, this is the movie when we were supposed to pretend Amanda Bynes made a convincing dude. Yeah. (Source)

Jessica Simpson in ‘A Walk to Remember’

The casting notice seems to have been “girl + music”, but we’re glad they went the brunette option. There’s no way that Jess could have made us sob our hearts out the way that Mandy Moore did. (Source)

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