9:10 am EDT, October 10, 2019

Aaron Paul gives a ‘Breaking Bad’ refresher for ‘El Camino’

Aaron Paul is in the Breaking Bad movie, El Camino, but since it has been over five years since the show ended, Paul has a refresher for us.

The premiere of Aaron Paul’s new movie El Camino is just around the corner, premiering in select theaters and on Netflix October 11. We’ll finally get to know for sure what happened to Jesse Pinkman after he escaped captivity at the end of Breaking Bad.

However, it’s been several years since that episode aired, and not everyone had the time or forethought to do a Breaking Bad rewatch to prep for El Camino. So, if you find yourself in that camp, don’t waste your time reading old episode recaps and scouring the internet for articles to refresh your memory. Aaron Paul is here to help.

Paul appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live, and he managed to whittle down the entire series into a quick recap that clocks in at just under three minutes. And don’t worry, he definitely makes sure to only hit the very important points.

See? What else could you possibly need to know, right?

Okay, so maybe this isn’t so much of a helpful recap as it is a huge mishmash of some of the most recognizable, meme-worthy content from Breaking Bad. Regardless, Aaron Paul does a great job of recapping some of the most random and bizarre stuff that has happened on the show and reminds us why so many people call Breaking Bad one of the best shows of the modern era.

So, yes, Aaron Paul’s “recap” wouldn’t help someone new to Breaking Bad as a whole, and it won’t help a fan who has some specific memory gaps that need to be filled. However, even though this recap was mostly meant as a goof, it does a great job of jogging a Breaking Bad fan’s memory.

Whether or not you found Paul’s unique take on the series recap helpful, one thing is for sure: This has only made us more excited for El Camino to premiere.

Mercifully, we are in the final stretch before the October 11 premiere, so make sure you have your El Camino premiere party plans ready!

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