6:00 pm EST, November 29, 2012

A Month of ‘Merlin’: Celebrating the end of the epic BBC series

Today, there is exactly one month left until the Merlin series finale airs. But instead of being sad, Hypable is launching a celebration and we want YOU to join in!

Stop keeping the magic secret…

Ever since learning that the current season of Merlin will be its last, we here at Hypable have been struggling to cope with our sadness (if you don’t believe us, read our Open Letter to the BBC). At first, we were like this:

Merlin Arthur argh gif

But then we had a little trauma session on Skype, and you know what? Rather than sinking into a pit of despair and worry about what is to come, we’ve decided to celebrate the show for everything it was and really send it off with a bang!

Today, there is exactly one month until the final episode of Merlin airs in the UK, on December 29th 2012 (note: the finale date has been pushed up to December 24). During that time you can look forward to several Merlin-themed columns and events on Hypable, both looking back over the best moments on the show and in fandom, and looking ahead to what the future might hold for the show and the cast! (Teaser: we want every single one of them on Game of Thrones, and we’re gonna prove to you how that can happen.)

…pick up your quills and ink…

So join us and help spread the word: #MonthofMerlin is the official hashtag we’ll be using to promote this on social media sites, and we want as many people participating as possible! This also means that aside from our own columns, we encourage any Merlin fan to submit their own articles and columns via the Write Your Own Story feature. All the stories will be made available to read here in this post (which we’ll keep promoting), and some might even be featured on the front page of the site! Tell us in the comments if you do contribute an article, to make sure we see it.

Hopefully, we can create something really great here. If you are involved with any other Merlin campaigns, don’t hesitate to let us know about them, too, so we might be able to work together to spread the word. We really want this final time we get to spend with the show on the air to be a memorable one, and celebrate the show with all you guys!

Be sure you also follow Hypable’s Merlin podcast Talks of Camelot on Twitter (and check out their past episodes, too), as they’ll be participating in this event in a big way. The hosts will be contributing many of the articles we’ve got planned, and who knows what else they might be getting up to?

Our first Merlin column will be going live later tonight. It’ll outline the five biggest plot points that need to be resolved before the end – so check back and see if you agree with our choices.

…and start partying like it’s 600 AD!


dancing Merlin Disney
Tell us what kind of columns you want to see written, and share your own favourite fanvids, fanfics, artworks, moments, episodes, and other Merlin stuff in the comments!


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