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A Month of ‘Merlin’: Casting the ‘Merlin’ actors in ‘Game of Thrones’


Game of Thrones Merlin Katie McGrath Mya StoneWhile Mya Stone was originally introduced in A Game of Thrones, the character did not appear in the first season of the HBO series. However, she is a fan favourite, and we still have hopes that she’ll show up in later seasons.

Not only does Katie McGrath look the part of Mya with her blue/green eyes and dark hair, but she also has the fierceness and integrity to pull off this strong female character. Echoing Morgana, Mya is the illegitimate child of the King, and George R.R. Martin seems to keep dropping hints into his novels that Robert’s few remaining bastards will continue to be significant to the story in some way.

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As Morgana, McGrath was stubborn and proud, but also passionate with a good heart. Watching such a good person crumble and be contorted with darkness has been very Game of Thrones-esque, and her transition from one show to the other would be almost seamless.


Game of Thrones Merlin Eoin MackenRolly Duckfield, better known as Duck, is a man of lowly station who dreamed of being a knight as a boy and actually had the skillset to become one. Due to a hot temper and some poor decision, Rolly was forced to flee across the narrow sea where he then joins a company of sellswords. He is eventually sent to train Young Griff (who you will remember will be played by Colin Morgan in our imaginary future Game of Thrones seasons) in the art of sword fighting.

With his undeniable charm and swagger, we believe that Macken will be a perfect match for the confident sellsword. Not to mention the fact that we know he is adept at playing a skilled fighter (and looks great while doing it). We can only imagine the hilarity that would ensue from Macken’s Duck teaching Morgan’s Griff!

ADETOMIWA EDUN: Quentyn Martell

Game of Thrones Merlin Adetomiwa EdunWe had a really difficult time coming up with an actor for this important character, but ultimately decided that Adetomiwa Edun would be more than up to the challenge. The Prince of Dorne embarks on an epic journey in A Dance With Dragons with his trusted companions, but he finds himself struggling to live up to the expectations placed on him.

Despite being a powerful political presence, the actor chosen for Quentyn has to be able to play a certain humility and general uncertainty with the world. He is described with words such as “sober,” “sensible,” and “dutiful,” but is nonetheless an extremely important character, and we think that Edun would bring something really special to this role. Plus, it’d be neat to see Angel Coulby and Adetomiwa Edun play brother and sister again!

The more we thought about it, the more we realized that Edun would be great for this part. On Merlin he had the same lovable charm as all of the knights, but he also knew how to show the sensibility that is found in Quentyn. Edun would be able to bring heart and give life to a character that would have the potential to be a real fan favourite.

RICHARD WILSON: Septon Meribald

Game of Thrones Merlin Richard Wilson Septon MeribaldThere were quite a few different characters we could see the legendary Richard Wilson take on, but ultimately we went with Septon Meribald – a relatively small but very memorable character in the A Song of Ice and Fire saga.

Meribald is a septon who wanders the Riverlands with only his dog for company, ministering to the people he meets on his travels. He lost all his brothers as a boy, and seems to have been broken by the horrors he experienced in battle, and the sins he committed as a young man.

In A Feast for Crows, the character has some very important interactions with Brienne of Tarth, and we can almost already see Wilson and Gwendoline Christie sharing scenes together.

What do you think?! We think we’ve pretty effectively settled the matter of what the actors will be doing next. Shall we just go ahead and call up the HBO casting folks right now?

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