Did you love the closing number “This Is the New Year” on last night’s “Naked” episode of Glee? It’s from a little group by the name of A Great Big World. Check out this video shot by friends at a viewing party that shows the group reacting to their song on the hit show for the first time.

This week, Glee covered A Great Big World’s song “This Is the New Year” on the episode, “Naked.” Check out the original performance on Glee below:

Unlike some people, it seems that this group is ecstatic and over-the-moon that Glee is covering one of their original songs. In this video posted on A Great Big World’s YouTube page, a close friend films as the artists see their music performed on a hit TV series:

What’s more is that the group has been very openly appreciative and thankful for the opportunity to have their music and message portrayed on the show. In the video below, band members Ian Axel and Chad Vaccarino explain that when the song was written they both thought that it should appear on Glee. They even describe the process they went through to send the song to Fox executives and how it eventually landed in Ryan Murphy’s hands:

Most fans of Glee will note the dramatic juxtoposition from a week ago when musician Jonathan Coulton took to every medium he could find to bash Glee for using his arrangement of Sir Mix A Lot’s song “Baby Got Back” without his permission. Though the stories aren’t exactly the same, it’s refreshing to see artists create original work and be thankful for the exposure and artistic expression being created!

This isn’t the first time a song from A Great Big World appeared on Glee, however. Last week’s “Sadie Hawkins” episode featured their music playing in the background during the actual dance itself.

Check out A Great Big World’s official website for more information about their music, their message and what’s to come from the talented musicians.

How much did you love “This Is The New Year” when you saw it?

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