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Don’t miss these 6 ‘Love, Death, & Robots’ shorts

Netflix fans can’t stop talking about Love, Death, & Robots, an anthology series of stories involving, well, love, death, and sometimes robots. Season 1 dropped on March 15 with 18 episodes packed with action, drama, and some very NSFW themes that have left viewers with mixed feelings.

Some are praising the creative team for delivering engaging and fully formed stories in less than 20 minutes while others are rightfully pointing out the disturbing material featured in some of the stories. Like everything in the world, this show certainly isn’t for everyone, but those who are interested might be wondering which stories they should check out first.

Love, Death, & Robots makes it easy to cherry pick which episodes a viewer wants to watch because they are all unrelated stories with different characters.

It’s all a matter of personal taste, but here are six of the best Love, Death, & Robots stories that fans might want to queue up first.

Three Robots

This 11-minute story puts an interesting spin on what life is like for post-apocalypse survivors. Three robots are exploring the world and trying to understand what humans were truly like by embarking on our mundane tasks like watching TV, playing with a cat, and hanging out at a restaurant.

Each one of these technologically advanced survivors has their own awesome personality and level of understanding about humans that meshes well with the others’ and suggests they are all from different time periods. Their tour also brings in a few dark elements and cleverly calls humans out for being a bunch of self-destructive morons.

And, the ending has a truly fun reveal.

Zima Blue

“Zima Blue” is perhaps one of the most interesting shorts out of the bunch. Journalist Claire tells the story of Zima Blue, an eccentric artist who goes to extreme lengths to produce masterpieces.

In turn, he tells her another interesting story of a creative genius who created a machine that grew to become something great. There’s a nice twist to his story and the origins of his creative name.

The animation is engaging and the ending has a layered message that will make you think about who you truly are at your core.


This short is a bit longer at 17 minutes, but it is certainly an engaging watch. Hank appears to be your everyday farmer, but things quickly get strange when he bursts out of a giant shed inside of a robot.

He, his wife Beth, and several other good ole boys in the neighborhood fight an invasion that threatens to destroy their lands and lives.

“Suits”‘ novel premise and depiction of heroes who save the day will have you locked in even if you don’t fully understand what the heck is going on.

Good Hunting

“Good Hunting” will leave you wanting more. It’s set far in the past in China and jumps into action immediately with an epic fight and chase scene.

A boy forms a friendship with a shape-shifting spirit, called a huli jing, after his father kills her mother. Unnecessary nudity aside, this clip does an excellent job of quickly establishing and making viewers care about the two main characters despite several time skips as the boy comes into his manhood.

They explore happiness, confinement, curiosity, torture, and complacency amid technological advancements and steampunk elements. And, who doesn’t love a revenge/vigilante element with a fantasy twist?

When the Yogurt Took Over

This is perhaps the briefest and most nonsense short out of the bunch, but it is a testament to the wacky sense of humor that permeates through Love, Death, & Robots.

Adult Swim fans will love this story about scientifically modified yogurt that became sentient and demanded to take over an entire state in exchange for pertinent information. It’s yet another stab at the government and general ridiculousness of humanity that’s so fun to watch.

The Secret War

Love, Death, & Robots saved one of the best shorts for last with “The Secret War,” which follows the Red Army as they fight back against an evil creature force. It’s a dark, gory, and brutal tale that begs to be turned into a game and will make viewers want more.

The lore behind this story, the action scenes, and animation are sheer perfection and the perfect way to cap off this season’s collection of epic tales.

So, embark on a dark, humorous, and sometimes twisted journey into these shocking worlds for all the drama you can stand!

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