12:30 pm EDT, July 26, 2014

Five things we learned from the ‘Arrow’ Panel

From the moment the trailer for Arrow season 3 hit the screens at San Diego Comic-Con, this writer knew it was going to be one heck of a panel. And it most certainly was.

When the boys of Arrow (and Willa) get together, there is bound to be a little craziness, and that is exactly what fans got at the Arrow panel last night at SDCC. This is especially true when you consider the Barrowman of it all. There is absolutely never a dull moment when he’s around. Check out our five most interesting moments!

5 things we learned at the ‘Arrow’ panel

Stephen Amell is still just as concerned as he was 2 years ago.

When asked about whether he feels as responsible for the show as Oliver feels for Starling City Stephen replied, “I remember sitting in this hall (Ballroom) and making a promise to the people that were here that we were gonna work hard and that the show wasn’t gonna suck. It sounds simple, but that’s what drives us every day.”

We can promise you Stephen, the show DEFINITELY doesn’t suck.

Major changes on the horizon for Thea Queen.

When Willa was asked about whether or not Thea Queen/Merlyn will be taking after her actual father when the show returns this fall, she simply told us all that Thea will not be the same girl we’ve seen over seasons 1 and 2. She’s a different girl now. Willa then went on to show off the time she’s been spending at the gym with a little bicep flexing. She’s no Diggle (who is, though?), but you can definitely tell that Thea Queen will be returning as a force to be reckoned with.

Stephen thinks Roy’s new suit is a definite upgrade.

When the moderator, Damien Holbrook, asked Stephen how it feels to be the ‘Jedi-master’ to Colton’s character this season, Stephen couldn’t help but glow green with envy over the newest leather suit to join the ranks. He firmly believes that the green suit is now the second best on the show. Maybe it’s time for an Oliver upgrade too?

Colin Donnell will be returning to the show this season to film a few flashbacks for the 3rd season.

Apparently, Tommy Merlyn and Oliver had a bit of a run-in during Oliver’s time in Hong Kong, and we are VERY excited to see Tommy Merlyn back on our screens again! Colin Donnell will be appearing via flashbacks in at least one episode this season, and it is certain to further complicate the battle going on inside Oliver as to whether he is more loyal to the Arrow or to being Oliver Queen.

We will see flashbacks of Felicity at M.I.T. in season 3.

When asked by a fan about Felicity’s backstory and whether or not Ivo was the father that abandoned her, Andrew Kreisberg dispelled the popular fan theory and revealed that they have known Felicity’s backstory for a long time. He went on to tell us that we will be seeing flashbacks to Felicity’s time at M.I.T. and that the episode title that contains those moments will be “Oracle,” which elicited screams, smiles, and an outpouring of glee in the room.

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