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5 questions we have for the ‘Wayward Pines’ finale

We’re one episode away from the Wayward Pines finale. We have five questions about what might go down in that final hour.

In the penultimate episode, “A Reckoning,” Ethan convinced Harold to give up the names of the remaining resistance members by showing him the mutilated remains of his co-rebels. As Ethan looked for those 14 individuals, Megan Fisher convinced Ben to speak to his fellow First Generation members, and Ben apologized for Ethan failing the town. This convinced three members of the First Generation to take the law into their own hands, and they executed all the rebels, except Kate, as Ethan’s arrival saved her.

Meanwhile, Amy had a brain hemorrhage, and Pam pushed Theresa to continue investigating Plot 33. With a security card, Theresa discovered a computer full of video diaries from individuals, including Adam Hassler, who were looking for survivors shortly after being awakened in 4020. This convinced Theresa, Kate, and numerous other members of the town the truth. Ethan pretended to call for a reckoning for Kate, but he used the opportunity to reveal the truth to the town. His ego wounded, David Pilcher shut off the power to the town.

We look at five questions we have going into the series finale.

Wayward Pines season 1 finale 5 questions Kate, Ethan

Will Group B survive?

Now that the power to the town — and the fence — is down, an Abby invasion seems inevitable. But will the residents, who now know the truth about their not-so-idyllic town, survive? Will they fight? Or will the mutated remnants of the human race destroy them, so David Pilcher can begin anew with Group C?

Wayward Pines season 1 finale 5 questions David Pilcher

Has David Pilcher been telling the truth?

David Pilcher’s story about it being 4028 and Wayward Pines being the last bastion of humanity has seemed to check out so far. But might he have been fudging the truth, to some degree? Perhaps about Group A? He said numerous people committed suicide or ran away after learning the truth.

But Pilcher’s decision to turn the power off after Ethan revealed the truth to the town indicates he has a much darker, ego-driven side that, despite what he told Ethan, needs to be in charge. The decision to turn the power off and doom Group B to Abby invasion might hints that this might not be the first time he wiped the slate clean when he wasn’t satisfied with the results of his experiment.

Wayward Pines season 1 finale 5 questions Pam

What will Pam do?

Pam’s loyalties have appeared to slowly switch in the last couple of episodes as her brother’s megalomaniac tendencies have become cause for concern. She even gave Theresa the encouragement and means to continue investigating Plot 33, which housed proof of Pilcher’s and Ethan’s story. But, when it comes down to it, which side will Pam choose? Whether she chooses her brother or the people, she seems primed to play a key role in the finale.

Wayward Pines season 1 finale 5 questions Megan Fisher

What role will the First Generation play?

Megan Fisher seems to have pretty strong control over the First Generation, what with being a hypnotherapist and all. She has been quick to remind her students that they are the true leaders of Wayward Pines. With the veil being pulled back on David Pilcher’s operation, how will the students respond? Will they step up and help fight the threat they know is out there?

Wayward Pines season 1 finale 5 questions season 2

Will there be a season 2?

Wayward Pines was initially envisioned as a ten-episode miniseries, and it was filmed back in 2014 — meaning the contracts of its stars have expired. Furthermore, the ten episodes have covered all three of Blake Crouch’s novels. However, with the show’s strong performance in the ratings, rumors have been swirling that Fox might renew it anyway.

According to executive producer Chad Hodge, “Could there be a possibility of a season 2? Sure, of course, and you’ll see a window to that, but it also is a complete ending as it is.”

The Wayward Pines finale airs Thursday, July 23 at 9:00 p.m. ET on Fox.

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