7:30 pm EST, January 22, 2019

Fans loved these 5 ‘Black Lightning’ mid-season premiere moments

Black Lightning came back on a new day and with a serious bang this week. A lot of action went down last night with some storylines being partially resolved, new questions raised, and a few things that made fans arch their eyebrows.

Here are five big moments and takeaways from Black Lightning’s midseason premiere:

Lynn is a non-meta boss

Never mess with a momma when it comes to her baby girl. Lynn continued to show that it doesn’t take exceptional tech skills nor powers to get things done as she loaded up her gun and went to find Jennifer.

Her impassioned plea at Khalil’s makeshift apartment was the ultimate driving force that finally made the teen duo realize the gravity of their actions. A part of me thinks Lynn could feel Jennifer’s presence, but she wanted her daughter to make her own decision to return home.

Welcome home, Jennifer

After running around with Khalil for little to no reason, Jennifer finally made her way home. She admitted that she made a conscious choice to go on the run and managed to convince her family that Khalil was in danger and not a dangerous person.

The jury is out on whether Khalil can regain his mobile abilities after his injuries, but one thing is for sure — Jennifer will be angry and out for blood. Bring on the suit and the official debut of Lightning.

Cutter can kill 50 men

No one expects everything to make logical sense in a superhero show, but this still feels like a reach. First of all, she staged the fakest looking accident of all time and was lying on the ground wearing a latex villain costume.

Then, she managed to somehow take out dozens of armed SWAT officers with her knives. How? HOW?! Surely someone would have shot her at least once unless she has suddenly developed lightning speed as well.

But, she somehow took everyone down and managed to contain Khalil. This idea to turn Khalil in was doomed for failure no matter what, but I imagined it going down in a much different way.

Tobias is very scary

Tobias pulled out his Mortal Kombat moves and ripped Khalil’s spine out of his back. It was a pretty gruesome scene that left fans wondering what’s next for Khalil.

His actions shocked Cutter (who had murdered a lot of people) and his poor little tech genius Todd, who is definitely in way over his head with no way out. Plus, Tobias is cooking up a major plan to start a metahuman war after…

The pod kid revelation

Todd managed to break through a firewall on that stolen computer. Now, Tobias knows where the pod kids are held and he says it is time to begin work.

Black Lightning is going to need Thunder, Lightning, and anyone else who can fight on his side to help out with this because it’s all bad. And don’t forget about the unnamed metahuman from the midseason finale who apparently works as a mercenary.

It’s not likely that he will be on Jefferson’s side, so it’s going down this season.

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