Emmett Cullen, himself – Kellan Lutz, will be heading to 30 Rockefeller Plaza for a guest appearance on episode four of 30 Rock this upcoming Thursday at 8 p.m.

30 Rock has previously teased that the Twilight actor might have a place in the show’s colorful universe in the season 6 episode “Nothing Left to Lose.” In that episode Lutz (the inexplicably reviled TGS writer, not the sparkly vampire actor) is upset that Jenna excluded him whilst making fun of the other writers and Frank and Twofer reveal to Jenna that he is estranged from his son, Kellan Lutz. By the end of the episode, a much cheerier Lutz reveals that Kellan Lutz isn’t his son, he’s his grandnephew and they’re “very close!”

It’s not clear if Kellan Lutz will cross paths with his grand uncle Lutz on the show this Thursday but judging by the above promo picture from NBC it looks like he’ll be a part of the Liz and Jack storyline. According to Spoiler TV: “Liz (Fey) and Jack (Baldwin) find themselves battling to influence voters in the upcoming presidential election.” And if a well-dressed Kellan Lutz standing in front of the Declaration of Independence doesn’t influence voters, then truly nothing else can.

Kellan Lutz is next scheduled to star as the eponymous character in the animated motion capture film, Tarzan.

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