NBC has released several promotional photos for episode four of 30 Rock’s last season, “Unwindulax.” What exactly is “unwindulax?” We’re not sure, but it seems to involve lots of Hawaiian attire and the boss from Office Space.

Per the official synopsis:

Jack tricks Liz into attending a Republican fundraiser, while Jenna cavorts with her new fans, the Crabcatchers.

30 Rock has had many of its strongest moments covering politics – from Jack bringing his liberal girlfriend CC to a GOP fundraiser back in season 2 through last week’s “Governor Dunston.” And there’s no reason to believe adding Liz into the mix will fail to add to that list of strong moments.

We’d like to give Jenna the benefit of the doubt that her fans are exclusively New England fisherman, with a name like “Crabcatchers,” but knowing Jenna that is highly unlikely.

There is a distinct tropical theme to a couple of the promotional photos with Jenna an Cerie both wearing flowery island attire. But in each photo, the gang doesn’t appear to have left the 30 Rockefeller plaza, with Jenna performing in front of a Today Show sign and Frank, Twofer, Lutz and Cerie in the checkout line at the NBC Universal store (check out the Community and Late Night with Jimmy Fallon signs in the back).

Gary Cole (Office Space, The West Wing and so, so many other things) and Amy Sedaris (Strangers with Candy) turn up in another photo and appear to be taking in Jenna’s concert, with Sedaris wearing a “I Heart Crabs” t-shirt. After two weeks in a row of Bryan Cranston and Ryan Lochte, NBC appears to have ramped down the promotion for 30 Rock guest stars. If they had to do an all out blitz every time 30 Rock had a new guest star appearance, the marketing team could die of exhaustion.

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