Just when you thought it was safe to stop weeping from the 30 Rock finale… NBC has released a video of Tina Fey’s co-workers saying really nice things about their fearless leader. It’s moving, bittersweet and ultimately worth re-opening the 30 Rock portion of your heart for three minutes just for it to shatter again.

Check out the well-wishes and waterworks below.

Jack McBrayer, Jane Krakowski, Alec Baldwin, show co-runner Robert Carlock, producer Jack Burditt, Dean Winters, Fey stand-in Laura Berrios and Tracy Morgan all say some pretty lovely things about Fey.

One of the best is Robert Carlock, her co-showrunner and writing partner who offers the knowledge that Fey “will enter a conversation and immediately take away what she knows what your ammunition will be.” We can only imagine Carlock and Fey spending many a sleepless night arguing over whether it would be funnier for Jenna to have had a torrid affair with Mickey Rourke or Nick Nolte before Carlock has to exasperatedly give in to Fey’s Rourke.

Dean “Dennis Duffy” Winters (and he can make as many All-State commercials as he’d like, he’ll always be Dean “Dennis Duffy” Winters) admires Fey for her lack of ego. Burditt says she’s the best writer he’s ever encountered. But it’s Krakowski and Morgan, who played two of Liz’s most frequent tormenters, who really nail home the reality of the goodbye. If a crying Jenna Maroney doesn’t send you to Feel City, then a crying Tracy Jordan certainly will.

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