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’24’ season 9, episode 10 recap: Double-crossed

Potential villains continue to drop like flies while things get even more international on 24 season 9, episode 10. Check out our recap, and share your thoughts on “Day 9: 8:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.”

Just as 24 runs in real time, so do our recaps. Here is everything that happened in episode 10:

Previously on ’24’

Chief of Staff Mark Boudreau
Agent Kate Morgan
Adrian Cross
CIA Head of Station Steve Navarro
Jack Bauer

This will likely be the last we see of CIA Head of Station Steve Navarro. Let’s salute him for hitting the gym so hard since he likely knew he’d end up with electrodes strapped to his chest one day.

8:00 p.m. – 8:10 p.m.

Jack calls Kate with the grim news. The override device can access weapons systems – even ones from other nations. Kate takes the news…well.

Cross meanwhile lets Chloe in on his criminal master plan. Turn out it’s not so much evil mastermind-y as it is misguided idealist-y – a favorite of 24‘s. Once countries know that their weapon systems are available to everyone they won’t…attack each other? Get this man his Nobel Prize!

Jack pursues Navarro, who has the override. Navarro loses Jack in time to pass off the override to Cross. But Cross hangs him dry and Steve flees into the night. Jack is able to pick up on Cross and sees that Chloe is with him. They also escape, but the CIA is able to get Navarro into customs, so…small victories.

8:15 p.m. – 8:26 p.m.

Erik Ritter is now in charge. (Chris Partlow would never have wanted this. Enjoy this joke, Wire fans. It’s the only one you’ll get all season.) He receives Navarro back at CIA headquarters where he sends him to the interrogation cell.

Kate has New-Jordan research what Navarro was talking about to Old-Jordan and New-Jordan is able to find information that exonerates Kate’s husband. Does Kate’s husband have a name, by the way? He’s only ever referred to as Kate’s husband. Whatever his name is, it’s also sadly revealed that he hanged himself in prison during his unjust life sentence. So Kate’s pretty peeved.

Jack convinces Erik to let him interrogate Steve with his radical “telling, not asking strategy.” Navarro invokes item #3 on the 24 drinking game list by asking for “full immunity.”

Jack responds with, “Full immunity is not on the table, but your hand is,” and then goes on to strike said hand. Jack’s the best. But it seems as though Navarro has gotten his way and the U.S. has no other option.

While all this is going down, Heller is back at his residence, mixing alcohol with his medications, and Audrey has the absolute best exasperated reaction to Mark just even walking into a room. That marriage is not in good shape.

8:31 p.m. – 8:37 p.m.

Audrey apologizes for snapping at Mark and Mark comes to realize that Audrey is likely still in love with Jack because nothing says love like letting your gal get captured and brainwashed by the Chinese (more on them later). So Mark, having taken a few episodes off from being a dummy, falls into his old dummy ways and calls up the Russians to give them the codes to Jack’s CIA phone, making him traceable.

Chloe is driving along Cross when she asks to get out to pee. She immediately tries to flag down a truck to escape but Cross opens fire on the trucker, who drives away. Cross would have been more suspicious of Chloe if he knew that nobody pees on 24.

Kate finally gets to confront Navarro. She bursts into the interrogation room and points a gun in his face. Jack comes in to stop her, but there’s no need, as Kate gets him to spill the beans on the code for the transponder on the override pretty quickly. Hell hath no fury, bro.

8:42 p.m. – 8:48 p.m.

Quick rundown…as of 8:42 p.m, the CIA, Russian assassins and an Assange-esque computer hacker are all bearing down on the same location. This should get interesting.

Jack and Kate have a heart to heart on the way to Cross and the override. Kate reveals that Her Husband (might as well capitalize it if it’s a proper name) only killed himself after she gave up faith in him. Jack talks about the emptiness he feels after pursuing vengeance for his dead partner (Renee?). Jack, empty? No way!

Cross and Chloe arrive at Cross’s secret lair and…ALL THE NERDS ARE DEAD! Nooooo! WHO DID THIS TO THE NERDS? Turns out it was Cheng Zhi. Don’t worry. Chloe Exposition O’Brian will let you know. Cheng was a one-time Chinese diplomat in Los Angeles turned psychopath. Basically, if Nina Meyer was Jack’s Moriarty, then Cheng is his Magnussen. Cheng kneecaps Cross to encourage Chloe to help him unlock the override. Chloe does exactly that.

8:53 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.

Jack and Kate are close to their destination, but suddenly…Russians, Russians everywhere! Kate and Jack are able to fend them off, but the episode leaves them there, next to their overturned car.

Cross has one last thing to tell Chloe before his time may be up. The accident that killed her husband and son was just that: an accident. There was no grand conspiracy and the incident that started Chloe on this path to Cross was all based on a lie. Cheng kills Cross shortly after, but he leaves Chloe alive — maybe so she can just see the results of his evil plan.

That evil plan begins with Cheng and his cronies sending a message to a U.S. nuclear submarine to attack a Chinese carrier. The attack goes off and Chloe appears rightly horrified.

How will the U.S. avoid war with China?

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