It might be election season in America, but here at Hypable we couldn’t help thinking about who we would really love to vote for. That’s right – fandom pairs and fandom posters. So who will be getting your vote?

Regardless of political affiliation, we can all unite behind our favourite fandoms. Forget American politics, the real questions are – could the Hulk ever be elected? Is it improper to vote for a husband and wife team? And what about a candidate who can’t even confirm his own running mate – a cool and calculated move, or just plain disorganized?

Choose your candidates, cast your vote, and then share the poster to show your fandom allegiance. Which fandom will win the real victory this election season?

‘Avengers’ ticket: Tony Stark/Bruce Banner

Iron Man

Stark and Banner have decided it’s time to get angry about the problems faced by today’s society. Worried about economic issues, social divisions, and the unfortunate inter-galactic aliens that seem to beset New York City? Once this political beast is unleashed, you can consider all of your problems solved. Plus they both get bonus points for being geniuses.

As expected, campaigning on their behalf will be Captain America and Thor. And there is little chance of this duo losing, with Black Widow and Hawkeye set to stuff ballot boxes across the world. But this bromance is happy to encourage a little friendly competition, safe in the knowledge that they can outsmart, outfly, outbuy, and outHulk any of their opponents. Not that they would stoop to such measures unless, you know, they were losing.

‘Game of Thrones’ ticket: Tyrion Lannister/Jon Snow

Game of Thrones

The odd couple of politics, Tyrion Lannister and Jon Snow are campaigning on behalf of outsiders and outcasts everywhere. Unless you happen to be the incestuous product of a brother-sister relationship, with blonde hair and green eyes and named Joffrey, you’ll be supported and protected by this pair (if you do happen to be that incestuous byproduct, best vote for someone else).

An unlikely duo, Lannister and Snow have decided to pool their unique talents and make a run for politics, sure that their firm friendship and plethora of short jokes will be enough to get them over the line. They are unworried about attack ads and negative campaigning, sure that nothing can be said about them that they haven’t said themselves – and confident that as the last resort, a certain Kingslayer will be persuasive enough for potential mudslingers.

‘Once Upon A Time’ ticket: Prince Charming/Snow White

Once Upon a Time

Bound by true love and the desire to save the world from all evil, this husband and wife duo are ready for victory. With talents ranging from amazing horse riding abilities, always finding each other, breaking spells and brilliant archery skills, they will be a formidable foe for any opponent. Together they fight on the side of good, prepared to take on the world as a family.

Don’t be put off by their slight tendency towards split personalities, remember instead that this means they have experienced life in all its many facets – from above and below, as royalty and as thieves. Additionally, they can cater to many minorities – princes, John Doe coma patients who have lost their memories, and people whose children are almost the same age as themselves. This year vote for a world where magic, and true love, is real.

‘Doctor Who’ ticket: The Doctor

Doctor Who

Take the unusual step of voting for a single candidate this election, with no confirmed VP. However, we are sure you can expect a veritable revolving door of running mates, if his companions are anything to judge by. Still, the Doctor is sure he can take care of things by himself, and he never really is alone when he is with the TARDIS. He understands that what we really need is a Doctor – and more interesting food combinations.

The Doctor is advocating a platform of alien integration and ridiculous dancing. He is happy to provide personal references from Cleopatra to Winston Churchill and any number of other alien species – you need only ask, and he will provide. Rumours abound that the Doctor’s original slogan was to be “The Rotmeister,” although he was persuaded to change tactic by a former roommate. Also, he can provide a dinosaur, if that sways the vote at all.

‘Harry Potter’ ticket: Kingsley Shacklebolt/Arthur Weasley

Harry Potter

Fresh off his stint in the Muggle Prime Minister’s office, Shacklebolt has learned many things about politics, including his conviction that he could certainly do a better job. His running mate is none other than family man Arthur Weasley, bringing the neighbourly image to contrast Shacklebolt’s stately style. And boy does he have style.

Both bring credibility to the job, having fought against Voldemort and remained in the Ministry of Magic to rebuild society. Shacklebolt brings the gravitas and style, while Weasley offers the down-to-earth charm that leaves voters feeling as if they really do know him. They trust Shacklebolt with protecting their homes, while just wanting to chat to Weasley about electricity. And honestly, who doesn’t want to see a Weasley (almost) as King in charge?

Graphics created by Joshua Nealey, written by Marama Whyte

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