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20 ‘Jessica Jones’ season 2 Easter eggs and references you might have missed

Jessica Jones’ second season has finally hit our screens and, as usual, was filled to the brim with Easter eggs and references connecting it to the wider MCU and Marvel comics. Here are 20 you might have missed.

The Marvel Netflix shows always have tons of references and Easter eggs to dig up, no matter whether you’re a die-hard comics fan or just follow the MCU. Though Jessica Jones is a little lighter on the references than her Netflix brethren, we still found plenty tying the show into the wider Marvel mythology.

Here are 20 Easter eggs and reference we found while watching Jessica Jones season 2. If you spotted any that we missed, hit up the comments and let us know.

Warning: There are spoilers for Jessica Jones season 2 throughout.

  1. One of Jessica’s potential clients extols her conspiracy theory that lizard people have infiltrated the government. But is it really a conspiracy? With the Skrulls set to make their debut in Captain Marvel, this could be the first nod at their existence in the MCU.
  2. Robert Coleman – a.k.a. The Whizzer – is straight from the pages of the Marvel Comics. The speedster made his first appearance as Robert Frank in USA Comics #1 in 1941.
  3. Whizzer’s mongoose, Emil, is also a nod to his origins. In the comics, Robert is bitten by a cobra in Africa. Robert’s father – Emil – saves his life by giving him a transfusion using mongoose blood. That transfusion results in The Whizzer’s super-speed.
  4. Jessica discovers a video of Whizzer while investigating his death. In it, he says a more ominous variation of the now-infamous Spider-Man line: “With great power comes great mental illness.”
  5. That wasn’t the only cheeky Spider-Man reference. When Trish’s boyfriend, Griffin, experiences a tingling in his balls, which gives him a hunch that Trish might be in trouble, Jessica refers to it as his “scrotey-sense.”
  6. The movie that Trish and Jessica are watching on the roof is The Killers from 1946. It follows the unravelling investigation surrounding a murdered former-boxer, who got mixed up with a criminal gang. Though not exactly like Matt Murdock’s father’s demise, it is likely a subtle nod back to it.
  7. Trish attempts to help Jessica unlock some of her missing memories by bringing in a hypnotherapist called Dr. Tiboldt. Marvel Comic fans will immediately recognize the name. Maynard Tiboldt was better known as The Ringmaster. He hypnotized onlookers as his ‘Circus of Crime’ undertook their illegal deeds, to ensure that they wouldn’t get caught.
  8. There was a Patsy Walker logo which made an appearance on a poster in the background of one scene. This logo and poster resembles the style used when Patsy’s story was still a light-hearted, Archie-esque, teen-romance comic.

  9. Vido – the son of Jessica’s new super and love-interest, Oscar Arocho – makes some prophetic predictions regarding Captain America’s shield. Season 2 is set before Civil War, so Cap has yet to ‘lose’ his shield in the MCU timeline, as Vido’s action figure has. Vido gives his Captain America a new shield (as he will also have in Infinity War), and makes a Tony Stark-like upgrade to it as well… with magnets.
  10. Speaking of Oscar Arocho, his artwork is a direct nod to the original covers of the Alias comics, as created by David Mack.
  11. When Trish makes the cover of a gossip magazine, one of the other stories features her comic book frenemy, Hedy Wolfe.
  12. Like her television counterpart, Alisa Jones is also alive in the comics. But the characters couldn’t be more different. Alisa Jones, in the comics, was instead Jessica’s adoptive mother, not biological. Mrs. Cambell, Jessica’s biological mother, died in the crash that killed the rest of her family. Neither have powers.
  13. Dr. Karl Malus also makes an appearance in the Marvel Comics. He is very much the stereotypical mad scientist on the page, rather than the conflicting portrayal he received on screen. In recent comics, he was eaten alive by Carnage and survived, becoming a symbiote hybrid.
  14. Trish and Jessica ‘return’ to the roof to watch another movie. This time, it’s the 1958 classic Touch of Evil. It is most notably famous for its three-minute opening, which was one long take – the scene being showing in Jessica Jones. Something that the Netflix Marvel shows are also famous for.
  15. The Raft, a prison for super-powered individuals, got a mention here as well. The prison was first introduced in Civil War.
  16. Foggy Nelson, who was head-hunted by Jeri Hogarth, made a brief appearance. He clashed with Jeri over her firm’s attempts to buy her out due to her diagnosis of ALS. With Jeri splitting to go it alone with her own company, it is uncertain whether she took Foggy with her, but he is one of her few remaining allies.

  17. Stan Lee, of course, made his expected cameo. This time he was featured on a poster for ‘Forbush and Associates.’ Forbush, also known as Forbush Man, was a spoof superhero from the early days of Marvel.
  18. When Alisa is being held in prison, she is placed on Cell Block D. The same block that both Wilson Fisk and Frank Castle were held in earlier Daredevil seasons.
  19. Turk Barrett made his return. We last saw him in The Punisher, when Frank Castle confronted him. He has a knack for escaping – mostly – unscathed.
  20. It has long been speculated that Trish would eventually become Hellcat, and that appears to have come true as of the end of Jessica Jones. After a near-death experience, following Malus unlocking her DNA with a feline distemper vaccine, Trish exhibits some superhuman reflexes. It seems oddly appropriate, too, that a feline vaccine unlocked her Hellcat powers.

Did you spot any ‘Jessica Jones’ Easter eggs or references that we missed?

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