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100 (spoiler free) reasons to watch ‘The 100’

By Katie Awad | Edited by Brandi Delhagen

Tonight, one of televisions best shows returns, but if you’re not one of those who will be tuning in, you should be. Need some convincing? Here’s 100 reasons to watch The 100!

1) Sci-Fi Genre: If you like science fiction then look no further! The main characters live in space (cue obligatory space ship shots!), and seeing as it’s set in the future, the technological possibilities are endless.

the 100 ark

2) Dystopian Genre: The 100 is also post-apocalyptic. Earth has (supposedly) been inhabitable for nigh on 100 years due to solar radiation. Earth is overrun with wilderness, unknown natural(?) phenomenon, and disfigured and dangerous wild animals. It’s easy to stray into the ridiculous, but fortunately it never goes that far, always staying within the realm of believability.

the 100 earth

Reasons 3-5 suffocated from lack of oxygen.

6) Relevance: At its core, The 100 is a social commentary on the world’s current status. The premise of The 100, that the earth will be destroyed in less than 100 years, may be a stretch, but the idea is pertinent to our present state. It’s well-known that the human race is destroying the planet, so you can’t help but wonder if, in some way, this might be where we’re actually headed.

the 100 ark

Reason 7 was floated for not rationing the food.

8) Mature Content: The 100 is unlike other CW shows in that it deals with subject matter that is more mature. There are issues of class, ethics, and morality, none of which are glossed over. It respects its younger demographic, and doesn’t treat them like infants who are only interested in fluff and can’t handle more complex themes.

the 100 jaha speech

9) Suspense: Twists and turns lay around every corner, tension gripping you until you feel you’ll explode. Cliffhangers (both literal and figurative) are atop every episode. The 100 will keep you so hooked and engaged, and you’ll be begging for the next episode.

the 100 mel cliff

Reasons 10-12 ate poisonous berries.

13) Constant New Threats: Just when you start feeling bored of a conflict, The 100 introduces a new threat. Danger is always close and you can never predict what’s next.

the 100 indra

14) Villains: Bad guys are not so clear cut in this show. Clichés are thrown out the window (er, floated out the Ark?) in place of ambiguity. It’s difficult to point at anyone and declare them evil, especially when the main characters we’re supposed to sympathize with do some morally questionable things, too.

the 100 reapers

Reasons 15-21 didn’t survive the Ark’s crash landing.

22) Consequences: A common thread in The 100 is consequences. Unlike other shows, main characters don’t get away with anything and everything. If someone makes a bad decision, you can bet there will be repercussions one way or another.

Inclement Weather

Reasons 23-30 were massacred by a Sky Person.

31) Torture: For the twisted minds there’s no shortage of creative torture methods, from the psychological to the physical. Those with a weaker stomach might cringe at the more innovative techniques.

the 100 clarke mount weather

Reasons 32-42 were killed by a retaliatory Grounder invasion.

43) Death: The 100 is not one to shy away from killing important characters, so try not to get too attached to anyone. They just might end up dead.

the 100 raven

Reason 44 was hanged for treason.

45) Action: For those with a love of action, The 100 has you covered. There are plenty of fight sequences to satiate your desire for violence. The fights are never the same either. From shoot-outs, hand-to-hand combat, and close range knives, you never feel like you’ve seen the same fight twice.

the 100 finn collins gun

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