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101 questions ‘Game of Thrones’ season 8 seriously has to answer

Game of Thrones season 8 is still shrouded in mystery, but season 7 has left us with lots (and lots!) of questions for the final six episodes.

This past season of Game of Thrones may have been surprisingly generous with its revelations, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t hungry for more. Sure, now we know that the Wall has, in fact, fallen, and that Jon Snow Targaryen’s parents are Rhaegar and Lyanna. We know how Littlefinger gets his comeuppance, how to kill a dragon, and where Gendry has been this whole time (more on that in a bit though.)

Still, all of the answers provided by season 7 have only birthed more questions for Game of Thrones season 8. As the earth of the fandom stops shaking and we all settle in for the long wait — the final season may arrive as late as 2019! — there are still quite a few things we desperately need to know.

  1. Is everyone going to die?
  2. Okay, probably not, but just how many people are going to die?
  3. Who will take the Iron Throne in the end of Game of Thrones season 8?
  4. Will there even be an Iron Throne by the end?
  5. Will Dany’s vision of a desolated throne room come true?
  6. Will Westeros revert back to seven individual kingdoms?
  7. Could Tyrion’s dream of merit-based rule actually come to pass?

  8. How will Dany and Jon react to the news that they are aunt and nephew?
  9. How will Jon feel about being the rightful heir to the Seven Kingdoms?
  10. How will Dany feel about not being the rightful heir to the Seven Kingdoms?
  11. Which part of this knowledge bomb will freak them out more — the incest, or the succession?
  12. Will the new, very sexy couple break up in Game of Thrones season 8?
  13. Or will they just say, “Screw it, we’re both hot, let’s do this!”?
  14. Are we supposed to feel good or bad about this whole thing?
  15. Hey, where’s Ghost?
  16. Will Jon ride Rhaegal next season?
  17. Will Jon riding Rhaegal next season mean that he’s totally over Ghost?
  18. Will Jon ghost Ghost?
  19. Are we taking this Ghost thing too seriously?

  20. Can Dany have kids after all?
  21. Will she get pregnant from the super hot incest sex?
  22. Are we supposed to root for another incest baby??
  23. Speaking of incest babies, is Cersei actually pregnant?
  24. If she is, will there be enough time for her to give birth to this new kid next season?
  25. Is the kid just a motivator for Cersei?
  26. Will the kid be a dwarf like Tyrion?
  27. Wow, how ironic would that be?
  28. Could Cersei die in childbirth?
  29. Is that how the valonqar prophesy from the books will come to pass?
  30. In the meantime, what else is Cersei going to be up to in Kings Landing?
  31. Who is even left for her to play nasty politics with?
  32. …Qyburn?
  33. Will we see Ellaria Sand again?
  34. Or are we all just going to act like Dorne never happened?
  35. Will Euron actually come back to Kings Landing with the Golden Company in Game of Thrones season 8?
  36. Will Theon be able to catch Euron and rescue Yara?
  37. Is Yara going to be tortured into insanity… or worse?
  38. Could Euron just die, maybe?
  39. If the Golden Company arrives in Westeros, who exactly are they going to fight?
  40. Is Cersei just going to, like, conquer everything up to Winterfell?

  41. Could Cersei go up to Winterfell too?
  42. Will the inevitable Hound vs. Mountain Clegane Bowl go down in King’s Landing?
  43. Or is Zombie Gregor heading up North, with or without Cersei?
  44. Are either of the Clegane brothers going to survive Clegane Bowl?
  45. Probably not, right?
  46. Will Sansa and Arya reunite with the Hound before he dies?
  47. Wouldn’t that be amazing?
  48. Speaking of the Stark sisters, what is that relationship going to be like next year?
  49. Will Arya and Sansa finally get along and work together?
  50. Or will Game of Thrones season 8 treat us to another round of manufactured, ridiculous tension between these two sisters?
  51. Will we ever get over this?
  52. Will Game of Thrones let us get over this?
  53. Is Tyrion in love with Dany?
  54. If so, how is he going to react to wolfy, dragony lovebirds?
  55. Does that creepy look at the end of the season portend a rift in Tyrion’s loyalty to Dany?
  56. If so, where will he go?
  57. If not, will Tyrion return to Winterfell with Jon and Dany?
  58. Could he and Sansa give their marriage another try?
  59. (They’re technically still married, right?)

  60. For the millionth time: Where is Gendry?
  61. Was he at Eastwatch?
  62. Is he also going to Winterfell?
  63. Will he meet back up with Arya and help the heartless assassin find love again?
  64. We can dream, right?
  65. Is Jaime also going to go to Winterfell?
  66. Will the Starks accept Jaime Lannister on their side?
  67. Will Jaime and Brienne fulfill their destiny and make sweet, sweet love?
  68. Will Tormund get jealous?
  69. Will Bran reveal that Jaime pushed him out of the window?
  70. Will that turn Brienne off?
  71. Is Jaime destined for punishment due to his crimes, or will everyone just be cool?
  72. Has Jaime’s arc with Cersei ended for good?
  73. Will Bran have more to do next season than act creepy and reveal information?
  74. What will his role be once he reveals Jon’s parentage?
  75. Are we going to see more flashbacks through Bran’s eyes?
  76. Is he going to fight the Night King with his mind?
  77. How would that even work?
  78. Is it possible that Bran IS the Night King?
  79. …No way… right?

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  80. What is Sam going to do at Winterfell?
  81. And when are he and Gilly going to finally get properly hitched?
  82. What are you waiting for, Sam??
  83. What are the White Walkers going to do next?
  84. Do they need to collapse the entire Wall?
  85. Did Tormund and Berric survive the Great Wall Fall?
  86. Will they make it to Castle Black, or perhaps Winterfell, to sound the alarm?
  87. Does anyone even need to sound the alarm?
  88. Wasn’t that Wall Fall super loud?
  89. What is Dolorous Edd up to?
  90. Will we ever see him again?
  91. Is Melisandre going to come back?
  92. Will we see her and Varys meet their ends in Westeros?
  93. Does Varys have one last trick up his sleeve?

  94. Is the Night King making a beeline for the big party at Winterfell?
  95. Will Winterfell be the last stand for humanity?
  96. Or will it fall and the battle will move south?
  97. Could the final showdown take place at the Trident, like Robert’s Rebellion?
  98. Even if it does, how can anyone fight a dead ice dragon?
  99. How will Dany react to this insanity?
  100. Will the side of light try and use those scorpions from King’s Landing?
  101. Seriously though, CAN ANYTHING KILL A DEAD DRAGON???

Tell us what questions you need ‘Game of Thrones’ season 8 to answer!

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