Last night The Magicians aired its most music packed episode yet, but we’re greedy and want more. Here are 10 songs the show should cover next!

I don’t think we’ll ever forget the moment in season 1 where Jason Ralph’s Quentin Coldwater broke out into Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off.” At the time it was so incredibly unexpected and random you almost couldn’t believe it was happening. But at the same time, that’s also exactly what made it so fun.

In season 2 we probably shouldn’t have been as caught off guard, but there’s no way any one of us could have been ready for Hale Appleman’s cover of “One Day More” from Les Miserables. Not only was he stunning in the performance, his fellow cast mates additionally rose to the occasion, rounding out an elaborate production none of us were ready for.

So to say that we weren’t expecting a pretty special music related event in season 3 would be a lie. But I don’t think many of us expected Magicians to raise the bar this high.

Last night, Jade Tailor brought down the house with her rendition of “All I Need is the Girl” from Gypsy. Seriously, the musical gods were shining down on her. Go watch the performance again you won’t regret it.

Trevor Einhorn, who plays Josh Hoberman, was also granted the opportunity to really lean into last night’s musical silliness. He was assigned two solo covers. Opening the show with “Wham Bam” by Clooney and then later on, distracting the party house by breaking out into “Car Wash” by Rose Royce. Honestly, this is the best show.

For me personally, however, it was the David Bowie and Queen cover of “Under Pressure” that really got to me. Not only was the performance captivating, the moment it symbolized within the show really struck me hard. Taking care of your friends and not leaving people behind? It’s kind of everything.

Anyways, this whole episode was amazing and fun, but the second it ended all I wanted was more. So we made a list of ten songs that we think The Magicians could really do something special with. Warning though – this is a weird list – but that’s also kind of the point. The Magicians is a show that likes to take fun, weird, swings. This list would help with that.

’Put On A Happy Face’ – Dick Van Dyke & Janet Leigh

I have a pretty clear vision in mind when I see this song playing out. Imagine some sadistic maniac who is carving up people or faces in a really brutal manner, and this is the song playing over top. Creepy as hell, right? Exactly! The Magicians could definitely do something cool with this.

’Maneater’ – Nelly Furtado

We already got a taste of 50 Cent’s Ayo Technology thanks to Julia and Quentin’s drunken little performance at the start of season 3, so this doesn’t exactly feel like a big ask. I’m particular, I’d really like to see Alice perform this song. Maybe while she’s literally eating a man’s heart or something… I dunno, but I think it could be cool.

’Circle of Life’ – Elton John

Okay, picture an elaborate musical number with creatures all over Fillory performing a big old rendition of “The Circle of Life.” Maybe they’re kicking out all the humans in the land or maybe some important leader has just died. Either way, I think it could be both incredibly beautiful and also a little bit dramatic. This song is basically begging for The Magicians cover it.

’Whoomp There It Is’ – Tag Team

Listen. This is a party song to trump all other party songs. I don’t have a specific plot in mind that I think it would slot into, but I would love to see Josh Hoberman perform this in someone way. Sorry, but this episode spoiled me and all I want is more silly musical numbers. Big or small, it doesn’t matter.

’Any Dream Will Do’ – ‘Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat’

Again, maybe I’m being too literal, but how cool would this song be for a dream monster who terrorizes magicians? I’m probably going about things backwards, imagining villains due to specific songs, but honestly what does it matter? Writers have to get inspiration from somewhere!

’After You Get What You Want You Don’t Want It’ – Marilyn Monroe

I have a couple reasons for adding this song in. To start with, I want to see Summer Bishil sing a Marilyn Monroe tune. Any song would do but I think this one has extra potential. I can see it perfectly in my mind. There’s something dramatic and frustrating going on in the kingdom – like always – but Margo has finally secured her place on the Fillory throne. That’s when she busts out into this song. Sigh… it could be so perfect.

’The Fox (What Does The Fox Say?)’ – Ylvis

If I’m being honest, I almost didn’t pick this song because I thought it was a little too perfect for The Magicians. Like, how hasn’t someone in Fillory just randomly broke out into this song yet? I don’t even really know what it context would be, it just feels right.

’With A Little Help From My Friends’ – The Beatles

Unlike some of the other songs, I don’t have a whole elaborate vision for how I want to see this number unfold. All I know is that I want to see Julia sing a Beatles song and I think this one is in Stella Maeve’s range. Yeah. I DO think there’s enough of a reason to add it in. Judge me.

’I Don’t Want to Live on the Moon’ – Sesame Street

One of the coolest things about The Magicians is the fact that they exist in this meta space where they can comment about real live happenings and pop culture. Which means that our group definitely grew up watching Sesame Street at some point. So I thought it might be nice to drop a nostalgic little tune on them. This is personally one of my favorite Sesame Street songs because it only gets more beautiful the older you get.

’Do You Believe In Magic’ – The Lovin’ Spoonful

Alright. I know this is a little on the nose, but honestly that’s why I like it so much! The Magicians is a show that never takes itself so seriously and I think this would be a perfect song to play into that. Besides, how fun would it be to see the kids break out into this tune? A lot. The answer is a lot of fun

Leave your own music suggestions for ‘The Magicians’ in the comments below!

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