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10 of Leonardo DiCaprio’s most iconic character quotes

We’re taking a look at ten of our favorite Leonardo DiCaprio quotes from the most famous movies of his incredible career.

Everyone loves a good Leonardo DiCaprio movie, and since he keeps making them even better than the last, we just can’t get enough. Most impressive is the range of characters that Leo has portrayed on-screen. From Arnie Grape’s challenges to Jay Gatsby’s seemingly reckless abandon, Leo has brought some pretty incredible characters to life, and some of them with quotes we will remember for decades to come. To celebrate these characters, here are ten of our absolute favorite quotes from our favorite DiCaprio roles:

‘The Quick and the Dead’

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Just 2 short years after What’s Eating Gilbert Grape?, Leo stepped into the role of Kid in The Quick and the Dead alongside huge stars Gene Hackman, Sharon Stone, and Russell Crowe. While not exactly a villain, Kid also isn’t innocent. The child of the town’s ‘owner’, Herod, he eagerly joins the dueling tournament to display his skill, and this quote comes after one of his first kills in the competition.

‘Blood Diamond’

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In 2006, Leo impressed people the world over by releasing two films that he shot back to back, The Departed and Blood Diamond, both of which required him to use rather difficult accents. From South Boston to South Africa, Leo did a pretty admirable job, and earned his second Oscar nomination in the leading actor category for Blood Diamond. This quote is said a few times throughout the film, and is there to remind us that, hey, anything can happen in Africa.

‘Gangs of New York’

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The rough and tumble world of New York City in the 1860s perfectly sets the stage for the violent tale of Amsterdam Vallon’s desire to avenge his father’s death. Leo takes on quite a challenge in this role, especially acting alongside great talent like Daniel Day-Lewis. This quote lives and breathes the spirit of this film, that the spectacle is just as important as the act itself.

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‘What’s Eating Gilbert Grape?’

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In his first Oscar nominated role, DiCaprio impressed moviegoers the world over with his portrayal of Arnie Grape. He managed to take a role that could have easily been made into a caricature of mental illness, and breathed real depth and heart into it. This quote is a perfect example of how DiCaprio managed to turn Arnie Grape into a character full of life and smarts, despite his disadvantages.

‘Romeo + Juliet’

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Okay, so this quote is probably more famous for being a line written by the one and only William Shakespeare, but DiCaprio made the part of Romeo Montague his own in Baz Luhrman’s interpretation of the classic tale. After the striking visuals of Leo in his armor and Claire in her wings, the following scenes in the movie take you back to those moments, and remind you of just how tragically this story is going to end.

‘Catch Me If You Can’

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The movie based on a novel that spawned a broadway musical, Catch Me If You Can is an engrossing true story of a teenage boy that manages to con millions of dollars while posing as a pilot, a doctor, and lawyer. Throughout the film, the relationship between Frank Sr. and Frank Jr. is of utmost importance to the story, and this line reflects that bond with poetic sincerity.


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Does it get more iconic than this scene from Titanic? In the biggest movie of 1997, Leo stole the hearts of teenage girls across the globe, and this quote and moment from the movie are one of the few light-hearted, truly fun moments before, you know, the boat starts to sink. Arms spread wide across the front of the boat, Jack Dawson has a rare moment of freedom aboard the Titanic which later leads to another iconic moment from the film when he shares the same experience with Rose.


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While he may not have earned any Oscar nominations for his turn as Cobb in Inception, it is widely known as one of the defining roles of his career. Cobb was not only the hero of our story, but he also created the tragic circumstances for himself, unintentionally turning his love into the movie’s main antagonist. This quote describes the movie to a tee, and is one of the best ways to illustrate the crazy convoluted twists and turns that Inception takes.

‘Django Unchained’

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Many believed that Leo had finally earned his long-coveted Oscar with his remarkable portrayal of Calvin Candie in last year’s Django Unchained. While the character had quite a few great moments throughout the film, this line is one that we are sure to be quoting years from now. It not only helps to set up the rest of the film, but it does so by grabbing your attention away from the enigmatic Christoph Waltz in the process.

‘The Great Gatsby’

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Last, but certainly never least, is the one and only, Jay Gatsby. In taking on this role, Leo set himself up for enormous scrutiny, as Gatsby is a classic and beloved literary character. This quote perfectly illustrates the strange qualities of the enchanting world of Jay Gatsby, and while it may be alluring, it is also incredibly dangerous.

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