10 fall favorites to watch before Christmas

2:00 pm EST, November 21, 2012

The Christmas shopping season begins on Friday, and for most that serves as the beginning of the holiday season. Soon we will all be curling up under a blanket watching The Santa Clause with our families and getting into the holiday cheer. Well, we wanted to take one more look at the season of Fall and what better way to do that than by looking at 10 of our fall movies and one surefire classic that was just released last week.

‘Sweet Home Alabama’

In this modern romantic comedy classic, Reese Witherspoon’s character, Melanie returns to her Alabama hometown to finish up final arrangements for her impeding nuptuals to NYC’s mayor’s son (played by Patrick Dempsey), including divorcing her previous husband, played by Josh Lucas. There’s nothing quite as remarkable as watching the beautiful fall Alabama landscapes that dominate much of the film, especially while you are soaking up the hilarity that ensues watching Melanie and all her friends running around her quirky southern hometown.

‘Sweet November’

Charlize Theron stuns in this charming, sad tale of a woman named Sara looking to save men leading lives of obligation and expectation by taking them into her life for one month and showing them the beautiful randomness that life has to offer. Her latest project, a man named Nelson played by Keanu Reeves, has agreed to be her November case and their adventures showcase all the wonders of autumn in San Francisco.

‘Dead Poet’s Society’

This inspiring story of a teacher that wants to do more than just grade papers, Dead Poet’s Society shows a private school in New England where students want to do more than just get by. A new teacher, played by Robin Williams, brings modern teaching methods to an otherwise historic school community and inspires his students to achieve more. O Captain, My Captain!

‘Remember the Titans’

What would a list of fall themed movies be without a football film? This one has everything any great sports film needs: Temptations songs, Denzel Washington, a moving speech, people overcoming odds, and tragedy. One of the most moving segments of the film highlights the fall foliage of the southeast as the players embark on a vicious morning jog through a wooded area, only to end up at Gettysburg listening to a rousing call to civility from their coach.

‘Good Will Hunting’

Many films that take place in school setting could be deemed fall films, but Good Will Hunting has a stronger connection to the season than simply taking place then. The themes that ground the film, those of second chances and discovery, reflect the ideas of the season itself and ground this film in a world of fall colors as well as themes.


Alright, so maybe one more football movie, okay? There is no story more inspirational than that of Rudy and the Notre Dame Fighting Irish. What could be better than a man that wants nothing more than to play for his school and works hard to make that dream come true? I rest my case.

‘October Sky’

As springtime represents new opportunities and fresh perspectives, autumn takes on that of inspiration and invention. The events of October Sky are triggered when a young man is inspired by the Soviet Union’s launch of Sputnik 1. He then goes on to try and build a rocket of his own, ultimately cementing his future pursuance of a career at NASA.

‘When Harry Met Sally’

When looking at the cover of When Harry Met Sally, there’s no doubt that autumn in New York plays a significant role in this film. This classic romantic comedy may span the lifetime of two friends, but there is little doubt that this can be considered a fall film. It may be better remembered for a certain deli scene, but as far as visuals go, nothing can replace autumn in Central Park.

‘Fly Away Home’

This family film shows the determination of a young girl to save a flock of young geese that are stranded in Canada without anyone to guide them south. She and her father then embark on an adventure to save the young geese from certain death. Who could possibly resist the charm of a flock of young geese and their Mama Goose, a 13 year old girl. Oh, and you may recognize little Anna Paquin before she grew up and met a bunch of crazy vampires.


It certainly wouldn’t be fall without a viewing of this tearjerker. A moving story about familial relationships and how dramatically they impact our lives, Stepmom highlights all the beauty of the season: warm colors, cozy evenings spent singing into a hairbrush, and cuddling with loved ones.


The newest offering from Steven Spielberg is a remarkable look at one of our most famous and beloved presidents. Abraham Lincoln accomplished a lot during his wartime terms, and this is displayed most brilliantly in this Fall’s Lincoln. Daniel Day Lewis is brilliant in his portrayal, and is joined by some truly magnificent talent including Sally Field, Tommy Lee Jones, and James Spader. The beauty of fall is somewhat background to the gruesomeness of the war, but the spirit of fall is alive and well in this instant classic.

What are some of your favorite fall films to watch?

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