10:00 am EDT, July 1, 2014

Ten characters who came to have a good time but failed

Sometimes you just want to have a good time, but these characters have found out the hard way that sometimes having a good time just isn’t that easy. Here are a few examples of when our favorite characters have had some bad days, despite their attempts not to.

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Sometimes we just fall in love with memes, and this time we fell in love with “I came here to have a good time, but honestly I’m feeling so attacked right now.” Originating on Tumblr, we think that there are hundreds of characters in fandom who’ve felt this way, and came to show you all just a few examples.

These are only a couple of examples of how one line could make a scene so hysterical, but there’s a bunch more out there. Be sure to comment below to let us know and share with your fellow readers what your favorite “I came to have a good time” meme is.

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