A strange mix of bad ideas and unrestrained access overwhelm the new film Winter’s Tale, an adaptation of the beloved novel by Mark Helprin.

The man behind this sinking ship is veteran screenwriter and now first-time director Akiva Goldsman. You would think someone with his Hollywood experience would know how to create a good movie, but the bad news is his writing credits include Batman and Robin, I, Robot and The DaVinci Code.

To be fair, the original Winter’s Tale novel is full of elaborate imagination and magical realism, two things that almost guarantee an impossible translation to the screen. Tackling this tough assignment would make any veteran filmmaker think twice, let alone a first-time director like Goldsman. So, it’s no wonder that Winter’s Tale is not a complete failure as a film, but is a strange and soulless one.

The problems start early as we’re introduced to Peter Lake (Colin Farrell), a petty thief in the early 1900s who is clumsy and confused as he plots his next heist. Normally this would be a huge red flag since being clumsy and confused are things you don’t want to be when you’re a thief. But the film plays these handicaps for laughs as Peter breaks into a home and proceeds to flirt with the female occupant when he’s caught red-handed.

Flash forward a few minutes and Peter is suddenly head over heels in love with this young woman for no other reason than to drive the story forward. At this point, Winter’s Tale is silly and deadly dull but nothing that’s too unforgivable. That soon changes when Russell Crowe shows up. He plays Pearly, a man whose Irish accent is as silly as his name and the main antagonist to Peter’s quest for true love. Why does Pearly hate Peter so much? The movie never makes things clear, but a lot of it has to do with fate and inner destiny. Pretty soon demons, flying horses, and time travel to present day New York are introduced into the narrative and Winter’s Tale becomes a huge buffet of weird.

Jennifer Connelly, William Hurt and Jessica Brown Findlay all show up in supporting turns trying to salvage whatever they can, but the scatterbrained story becomes too much to contain.

There is the faint skeleton of a good movie in Winter’s Tale, a story with the promise of whimsy and unabashed love. Sadly, none of that survives in the final product, and my guess is the deadly mix of the novel’s dense material and Goldsman’s heavy-handed screenplay resulted in an under-cooked movie. It’s not romantic enough to be a gripping love story, and it doesn’t fully commit to its craziness to be a risk-taking adventure. Winter’s Tale plays it too safe and as a result appeals to no one.

Grade: C-

Rated: PG (for violence and some sensuality)

Winter’s Tale opens in theaters on February 14, 2014.

Fox has moved the third and final Maze Runner movie to 2018.

The cast and crew were only a few days into filming The Death Cure in March when Dylan O’Brien suffered serious injuries on set, prompting the production to be put on a break so he could recover. When his recovery ended up taking longer than expected, the production was put on an indefinite hold.

Now, a plan to resume the shoot seems to be in place. Fox announced Friday The Death Cure will be hitting theaters January 12, 2018, which is nearly a year later than the original February 2017 date. The last Maze Runner movie, The Scorch Trials, opened last September.

Production on The Maze Runner: The Death Cure likely won’t resume until late this year or early next. Dylan O’Brien has already committed to another movie which is expected to shoot this summer.

Getting the rest of the cast and crew back together to shoot The Maze Runner finale may be a bit of a challenge since they may’ve committed to other projects that were supposed to be shooting after they finished The Maze Runner. However, the new Death Cure release date suggests Fox has found a time that’ll work for everyone.

Tom Cavanagh will return to The Flash in season 3 as a series regular, though which character he’ll be playing remains to be seen.

Cavanagh has had a unique acting challenge on The Flash, playing a different version of his character in each of the first two seasons — and now it looks like he’ll be doing it for a third season in a row, as EW confirms that he will be a series regular in season 3.

In season 1, Cavanagh played Eobard Thawne, aka the Reverse Flash, in Harrison Wells’ body. Thawne, after traveling back in time, killed the original Wells and took his form to expedite the development of the particle accelerator so he could return to his own time. Thawne was written out of existence in the season 1 finale, though, leaving fans curious about who Cavanagh would be playing in season 2.

This past season, Cavanagh played the Earth-2 version of Harrison Wells, nicknamed Harry, who was a significantly different character from the man we thought was Wells in season 1. However, in the season 2 finale, Harry and his daughter, Jesse, returned to Earth-2.

The Flash season 2, episode 6 recap Wells

So, who does that leave for Cavanagh to play in the third season?

My guess would be the Earth-1 version of Harrison Wells, who we only briefly met in a flashback in season 1. Why the original Wells? Because in the final moments of the season 2 finale, Barry traveled back in time and stopped Thawne from killing his mother. This means the timeline in which Thawne killed Wells and took his form no longer exists, so Earth-1 Wells would be the version left alive.

Assuming he does play the original version of the character, the one who was killed and had his identity stolen, it will be interesting to see Cavanagh inhabit yet another version of the character. While we already met Wells briefly in the flashback to his death, that was a small sample size. I look forward to seeing him differentiate another Wells from those he’s already played for entire seasons.

Are you excited to see more Tom Cavanagh on ‘The Flash’?

‘Glee’ alum Mark Salling indicted on child pornography charges

The actor is facing a lot of jail time.

4:55 pm EDT, May 27, 2016

Following an arrest in December, Glee star Mark Salling (who played Puck on the Fox series) is now facing child pornography charges.

A federal grand jury has charged the 33-year-old actor with two counts of child pornography after a search of his home turned up “thousands” of images and videos involving children, TMZ reports. He will be arraigned in early June.

Salling’s charges potentially come with big sentences: 5 to 20 years in prison for receiving child porn, and another 20 years for possessing it.

After Glee went off air last year, Salling has worked on only one project: The action movie Adi Shankar’s Gods and Secrets which is slated to hit theaters later this year.

The actor has been in trouble with the law before — he was sued for sexual battery in 2013.