The Walking Dead has historically used the end of a season to kill off significant characters. Who’s next?

In the mid-season 4 finale we saw The Governor and Hershel die. In the season 3 finale we saw Andrea die. In the penultimate episode of season 2, Shane died. It feels like we’re due for another big death (Lizzie and Mika don’t count).

In a Reddit AMA earlier this week, The Walking Dead comic creator and TV series executive producer Robert Kirkman suggested that season 4 is going to go out in a memorable fashion. Describing the season 4 finale as “SAVAGE,” he teased, “people are going to be talking about this one. The cliffhanger at the end of season 4 will make the wait between seasons 4 and 5 the hardest wait we’ve ever had. ENJOY!”

Assuming there’s a death in addition to a cliffhanger, let’s look at the odds for each character:

– Daryl: Not likely. He’s a fan favorite (if not THE fan favorite), and killing him would upset way too many people. However, Kirkman said in the aforementioned AMA that even he isn’t safe. “While I wouldn’t say the more popular a character is the more likely they are to die, they do have to reach a certain level of popularity before they’ve ‘earned’ the death,” he wrote. “No character is too popular to die. (Suck it, Reedus!)”

The fact that he specifically name checked Norman Reedus, who plays Daryl, suggests he won’t be one of the people dying.

– Beth: Somewhat likely. The character went missing a couple episodes ago after someone grabbed her and drove away. It could be someone who lives/works at Terminus that is interested in using her for whatever messed up things are going on at the so-called safe house. We think that if she does die, it’ll have to happen in front of the camera so viewers can feel the emotion. She’s too big a character for her to die off camera.

By killing Beth, Daryl will feel like a part of him has died. It’ll be just as good as killing Daryl, but without the fans freaking out. They’ll just feel sad for their favorite character.

– Rick: Not likely. He’s too big a character, and the face of the show, to die right now. While we do think that his death is inevitable given all of the close encounters he’s had, it feels too early for him to be on death’s door. With that said, we’d like to see Rick die because it would completely uproot what we know about the show. We’d love to see Carl take over as leader.

– Carol: Not likely. This character has been all about protection this season. At the start she decided to kill some people to prevent the infection from spreading, and then a couple episodes ago she killed Lizzie because she was a threat to everyone she was near. Carol is a good lady who deserves to live. By the way, if Rick dies before Carol, we’d love to see her take his position.


– Maggie: Likely. When this character told her husband Glenn to burn the photo of her because he’d never need it again, some viewers saw a sign of foreshadowing her death. Killing Maggie so soon after her and Glenn’s reunion would break the hearts of many viewers and could be the type of thing that people would talk about for a long time between seasons 4 and 5.

– Glenn: Likely. We think Maggie and her husband have equal shots of dying given the fact that they just reunited. It would be sad and unexpected.

– Michonne and Carl: Not likely. In an international trailer for the season 4 finale we see Michonne embracing Rick’s son, which arguably suggests that they’re mourning the loss of someone else. That’s our best reasoning because we refuse to accept either of these two will be killed.

– Sasha and Bob: Not likely. These two characters haven’t been very present this season, so their deaths wouldn’t come as shocking or very upsetting. With that said, if either of them dies, we don’t think it’ll be the only death during the finale.

– Tyreese: Likely. After losing his girlfriend early in the season, maybe it’s time that Tyreese joins her on the other side. The talk between he and Carol in episode 14 showed a lot of forgiveness. It made viewers appreciate his decision to keep Carol alive. We’d feel bad if he now died, but at least he knows the truth about his woman.

– Tara: Likely. It would completely suck for Tara to die. She’s been attached to Glenn in a way that isn’t all too clear, and a scene showing him reacting to her death would be very heartbreaking. She hasn’t exactly proven her worth on a wide level, so if she died it would be sad but ultimately insignificant.

– Abraham, Eugene, and Rosita: Like Tara, these characters aren’t major since they were only introduced this season. However, this trio is on a mission to get Eugene to D.C. so he can use his supposed knowledge about how the outbreak occurred. If (IF) he’s being truthful, the death of Eugene would be a big set back. Abraham would be an equally significant death since he’s very passionate about getting Eugene to Washington.

Who do you think will die in the ‘Walking Dead’ season 4 finale?

After writing all this, we’d be disappointed if no one significant bit the bullet.

Watch this Sunday, March 30 at 9 p.m. eastern/pacific on AMC.

Major changes coming to ‘Sense8’ season 2

And I'm excited about what happens next.

11:00 am EDT, May 30, 2016

Sense8 is currently in production for their second season, and they’ve gotten pretty far. Here are some important things you need to know about what’s to come for your favorite cluster!

Ever since Sense8 debuted on Netflix a year ago I’ve been obsessed. Not only because it was such a fantastic premise of connecting 8 people, but because it was so immensely diverse and represented so many people from all over the world. Now that we’ve got a season 2, it’s about time to start learning what it’ll be about.

There’s some major things about Sense8 season 2 that are going to be dramatically different, and we’ve gotten an update on what our favorite characters will be up to this season thanks to BuzzFeed.

There’s only 1 Wachowski left

One of the biggest draws of Sense8 was the fact that it was a Wachowski sister production. These sisters have brought us The Matrix and Cloud Atlas so we knew when we heard that last name that this was going to be an epic series.

This year, only Lana Wachowski is staying on to direct the show. Lilly Wachowski is taking the much-deserved time off after having just come out as transgender in March, and is using the time to focus on herself. Should the show return to Netflix for a third season then she’ll probably return.

The return of only one sister isn’t something that should affect the show too much, and I’m sure if it does then any changes will be welcome and give the show a fresh vibe — not that it needs it.

Sense8 Nomi Amanita

Capheus has been re-cast

For those who enjoyed Capheus’ story in Kenya the most prepare yourselves for a major change. Due to disagreements between Lana and Aml Ameen, who portrays Capheus in season 1, Ameen left the show before production began.

Capheus’ story isn’t one you can just replace and end so suddenly, so instead of writing him out Wachowski opted instead to re-cast him. Toby Onwumere will now play the part.

For those of you concerned with any disagreement between Ameen and Wachowski being over her being transgender, Jamie Clayton, who plays Nomi, was adamant about stopping that rumor.

The good news is that Onwumere has been completely welcomed by the cast and he felt immediately connected to them upon meeting them at dinner for the first time. This makes me more confident that his chemistry with the actors will show on screen, which is one of the reasons I love Sense8 so much – the chemistry has been fantastic in every episode with all 8 actors.

But these changes can be amazing!

Even though they’re major changes from how the show operated last year, I feel like the new single director and the new actor is going to bring a welcome fresh take for the new season.

Every show can use something new in each season they come back just to keep it interesting and unique every year. I feel like, thanks to these changes made to the cast and crew, the story isn’t going to have to change too drastically just for the sake of change. Obviously it’s going to probably take to places we don’t expect, but that will be because the story is naturally progressing, instead of them trying to change actors and plots already set.

Are you excited for season 2 of ‘Sense8’

Hollywood reacts to ‘Begin Again’ director’s candid criticism of Keira Knightley’s acting skills

Should the trust between actors and directors ever be broken?

10:33 am EDT, May 30, 2016

After Begin Again director John Carney’s candid comments about Keira Knightley’s acting went viral, Hollywood has taken to Twitter to defend the British actress.

In case you’ve somehow not heard the story, here’s the sitch:

Over the weekend, The Independent released an interview with Irish director John Carney, in which he had some harsh words for former colleague Keira Knightley.

The pair worked together on the 2013 musical rom-com Begin Again, where Knightley starred opposite Mark Ruffalo as a promising young folk singer recovering from a broken heart.

Carney evidently wasn’t satisfied with Knightley’s performance, claiming she “always has an entourage that follow her everywhere so it’s very hard to get any real work done.”

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Going on to praise both Ruffalo and Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine’s performances, Carney said, “I think that that’s what you need as an actor; you need to not be afraid to find out who you really are when the camera’s rolling. Keira’s thing is to hide who you are and I don’t think you can be an actor and do that.”

“I like to work with curious, proper film actors as opposed to movie stars,” he continued. “I don’t want to rubbish Keira, but you know it’s hard being a film actor and it requires a certain level of honesty and self-analysis that I don’t think she’s ready for yet and I certainly don’t think she was ready for on that film.”

Carney concluded, “I learned that I’ll never make a film with supermodels again.”

Now, Carney clearly had a frustrating experience working with Knightley on this film, and his distinction between ‘proper film actors’ and ‘movie stars’ may be legitimate in theory. Begin Again certainly wasn’t the great critical hit that Carney’s Once had been, and at the time of the movie’s release, Keira Knightley herself admitted that she struggled with the material, not being a singer-songwriter herself and having no great appreciation for music.

“It’s terrible. I know nothing about music whatsoever,” she told The Guardian. “I was always more into reading and drama. I was such a geek. … There’s often a huge link between music and memory. And I’ve got such a bad memory.”

But the issue Hollywood professionals have with Carney’s comments seem to have less to do with Knightley’s specific performance, and more about the fact that Carney made these comments at all.

Ava DuVernay certainly makes a great point about why Carney should have stayed silent:

Both industry professionals and notable journalists have joined DuVernay in speaking out against Carney. Here are some of their reactions:

All the same, there are some that find Carney’s candidness refreshing.

What do you think? Should John Carney have held back his criticism of Keira Knightley out of professional courtesy? Or was he right to share his negative experience?

John Carney rose to international fame with Once in 2007, and this year he’s coming out with a musical drama titled Sing Street.

Spectre director Sam Mendes is officially not returning for more James Bond movies.

While we wait for (almost certain) confirmation that Daniel Craig won’t reprise his role as 007 in the next James Bond film, we can at least contend with the knowledge that Sam Mendes will not direct Bond 25.

The two-time James Bond director came on board the franchise for the wildly successful Skyfall, but his follow-up Spectre was not considered as great of a success.

Even before Spectre‘s release, Mendes was talking about quitting the all-consuming franchise, saying at the time, “I don’t think I could go down that road again. You do have to put everything else on hold.” But it was only during a Welsh literature festival that he finally confirmed his departure.

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“It was an incredible adventure. I loved every second of it, but I think it’s time for somebody else [to direct],” said Mendes, as quoted via The Sydney Morning Herald. “I’m a storyteller. And at the end of the day, I want to make stories with new characters.”

Bond 25 is likely to be completely new chapter of the franchise, with Daniel Craig set to follow Mendes’ lead and officially announce his departure soon. Everyone’s been expecting him to bow out ever since his controversial promotional campaign for Spectre, and it’s even more likely now that his two-time collaborator has called it quits.

On the speculation about who might replace Craig, Mendes says, “I can guarantee that whatever happens next it will not be what you expect.”

“[Bond producer] Barbara Broccoli chooses who is going to be the next Bond, end of story. And without that there would have been no Daniel Craig because public support for Daniel was zero. It was her saying: ‘That man over there, he’s going to change the whole tenor, I’m going to cast him.’ That turned the whole thing on its head,” says Mendes.

Rumor has it that Tom Hiddleston is in talks to be the next James Bond, but until we learn more, we can speculate away as we wish! It’s also time to start making those Bond 25 director wishlists. Anyone know if Ava DuVernay is available?