Tonight was a big night on The Walking Dead when we finally met the Governor, but next week looks even more intense. Take a peek at the promo for next week’s episode, titled, “Killer Within.”

The Governor has taken Michonne and Andrea under his wing in his supposedly perfect town of Woodbury, but Michonne isn’t drinking the Governor’s kool-aid just yet.

While the comics have a very different set of initial interactions between Michonne and the Governor, in the AMC series, it seems like the Governor is trying to recruit her for some sort of army.

She even tells Andrea that she’d rather be out in the world with all of its horrors than be stuck in Woodbury. She doesn’t trust this town or its Governor at all.

Andrea looks like she’s getting cozy with the Governor, and it looks like we might be correct in our prediction (from earlier photos released by AMC, apparently from this upcoming episode) that there may be a romance brewing between Miss Andrea and the leader of Woodbury.

She also seems like she’s working with Merle to bring the Governor and his crew back to Hershel’s farm, eventually leading them to Rick and the rest of the group.

Rick is struggling to trust the two remaining prisoners found at the end of this season’s premiere. He finds a gate’s lock cut open, and accuses them of trying to somehow sabotage the group. It looks like Rick is also in hysterics because he believes someone is playing games with them.

From what we can tell, someone looks like he (or she) is placing a bloody heart on the ground, next to an unchained lock. That’s a pretty sick game to be playing.

Who is this mystery person, and whose heart has been removed? We’re assuming this is happening at the prison, given the chain that is cut next to it.

Who is playing games with Rick?