Video Games

‘Pokémon GO’ will ‘probably’ introduce trading and player-versus-player battling

Could our wildest dreams come true? A Pokémon GO developer has hinted that Niantic is still interested in expanding the game with user-interactive elements.

Sony introduces PS4 Pro, with 4K gaming and streaming capabilities

Apple wasn’t the only one with big news yesterday: Sony has announced the PS4 Pro and the lighter PS4.

Inspired by ‘Pokémon Go,’ Sony is moving ‘aggressively’ into mobile gaming

Look for Sony to amp up their mobile gaming game (wink wink) after seeing how Nintendo and Niantic’s Pokémon Go took the world by storm.

‘Pokémon GO’ announces Buddy feature: Make your own Ash/Pikachu team and earn rewards

Pokémon GO has announced a new feature that is sure to invoke memories of the classic Pokémon games as well as the animated TV series: Buddy Pokémon!

Super Mario Maker coming to Nintendo 3DS

Nintendo’s beloved Wii U game Super Mario Maker is getting a handheld installment later this year on Nintendo 3DS.

Honest Trailer for ‘No Man’s Sky’ deems the game a huge missed opportunity

The long-awaited and much-delayed No Man’s Sky game promised the impossible. So perhaps it’s no surprise that it failed to deliver.

‘Pokémon Go’ update lets Team Leaders rate your Pokémon

Pokémon Go players can now find out whether their Pokémon are “tiny,” “a little small,” or “just HUGE!” Guess it’s time to give them all dirty names, huh?

Did your Pokémon Go account just reset itself? Here’s how to get your data back

The latest Pokémon Go update just wiped a bunch of users’ data. But don’t panic! You can still be the very best.

Nintendo: ‘Pokémon GO’ Plus — making gameplay easier — to debut in September

Hate having your Pokémon GO app open all the time to catch ’em all? Nintendo is making your journey easier with Pokémon GO Plus.